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Friday, December 9, 2016

Trumps' SBA Boss?

Success: Sometimes it means surrounding oneself with "incompetence", but below is the "Litmus Test" of how Donald Trump looks at succeeding, a resume of Trump's SBA boss, Linda McMahon the WWW Tycoon $billionaire$;

McMahon — who has insisted that WWE programming is little more than "fiction" and "soap opera" — plays herself in one scene. She appears on camera in a wheelchair, staring into space as her husband, Vince, berates a woman playing his buxom mistress and orders her to undress, "crawl around" the ring, and "bark like a dog." She complies.

McMahon stays silent as her real daughter physically assaults the "mistress" and her real son physically assaults her husband.

In another WWE scene removed from YouTube, two voluptuous women wearing only skimpy bras and panties embrace, touch each other, and kiss intimately in the ring as thousands in the audience cheer.

Another deleted scene shows a male wrestler undressing a woman down to her bra and panties, simulating sex with her as they stand next to a bed in the ring, placing her under the covers, following her there, and emerging to toss her bra and panties on the mat.

Another deleted scene shows McMahon's husband and daughter forcing the face of a half-naked woman into a slop bucket and then pouring the bucket over her head.

Still another shows McMahon's husband and son pouring paint over the head of a mentally disabled wrestler and then beating him up and pushing his head into a toilet.

And another, appearing to take place in a funeral parlor, shows a male wrestler undressing himself, undressing the corpse of a woman in a casket, and then climbing on top of her.

In May WWE demanded a retraction from the Journal Inquirer and threatened the newspaper with a libel lawsuit over columns written by Managing Editor Chris Powell asserting that McMahon had been in the business of pornography. The columns did not mention WWE.

The newspaper responded in June by lodging a complaint against WWE with the Federal Election Commission, charging that the company was providing illegal corporate assistance to McMahon's campaign. Powell responded with a column containing potential questions for a deposition of McMahon in a libel lawsuit. The column described sex scenes in WWE programming that had been posted on YouTube but now have been removed.

WWE has brought no libel lawsuit and the Federal Election Commission has announced no action on the newspaper's complaint.
But after the JI brought its complaint, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee charged that McMahon "marketed sex and violence to children" and "profited from pornography," adding that when she was WWE's CEO the company partnered with a "porn company," Girls Gone Wild, to produce a "nude, pay-per-view event."

Meanwhile, reporters and Internet bloggers who cover the wrestling business have cited instances in which WWE's female performers known as "divas" have posed for Playboy magazine, done topless scenes in movies, or appeared in porn films.
McMahon calls it 'family fun'

Some videos WWE moved to take down from YouTube in 2009 had been featured in criticism of McMahon by a state Democratic Party official, who said she was reacting to comments by McMahon that WWE programming was "PG-rated" for "family fun" with "pomp and circumstance."

A McMahon campaign official at that time emphasized that it was WWE, and not the campaign, that had requested the removal of the videos.

The sexual content of WWE programming under McMahon's tenure as CEO provided political fodder for the Democrat who defeated her in 2010 — then-Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

The Republican who challenged McMahon for their party's nomination in 2010, former 2nd District U.S. Rep. Robert R. Simmons, also criticized McMahon over WWE's sexual programming.

So did the Republican who this year challenged McMahon for the party's nomination, former U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays.

Shays refused WWE's request for a public apology for what the company said were "blatant misstatements" denigrating the company.

Mom(Trump's SBA Boss) and Daughter "BleachBitchSlap" eachother, just good old "Family Fun"!

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