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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Belated Fart!

“Belated Fart” is what a United Sates of America House of Representatives' republican spokesperson is calling the long awaited “Sequester”, or in regards to the official title, “Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012”. Belated Fart? Good thing it occurs on a Friday, as with the weekend “Time Out” it gives Americans two days to see and react to the effects of these “forced” government spending cuts - until Congress is re-open for business. And come Monday morning, America will have a choice. Spend money to feed those that cannot feed themselves or continue to feed the hefty salaries of the CEOs affiliated with defense contractors and the “bloated” out-of-control defense budget! “Them belly full but we hungry”, or “Total destruction the only solution”. And get this, included in the “Sequester”, a stop order to the paychecks of the House and Senate members, that in itself is worth this monster kicking in! And it means their own Congressional “Attending” physician will have to take some time off, which means members of Congress may have to attend a “First Care” and wait in a long line for a boo-boo. The House gift shop will be closed as will the cafeteria, so members will have to brown-bag it. Damn, they may feel like “real” Americans for a change! But when we see the cuts to the “Defense Contractors”, this is good news and maybe we have come to that long awaited point in time, wherein the NAVY will have to hold a bake sale to get money it needs to build a new toy!

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