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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Motion to Dismiss?

Better yet, "Motion to Disgrace" post mortem mayhem. It is but for another good crap on the steps of the U.S. Constitution. "Constipation" seems a better fit today! OK, here is my test case for "All Americans". Everybody must bring their firearms to thy local neighborhood pub, and recite the 2nd Amendment per batim batman. Now NO CHEATING, for that is not the American breed, unless you fall into the category of the 1% faction - rich, wherein cheating is hereditary. Now, if you don't know it by now this sacred right - no not cheating but carrying - then you have no right to be part of the "Well Regulated Militia". To spit out only "I have the right to bear arms" is but a reckless endangerment tactic...well start your engines and turn in those weapons as you have no idea what was behind this "Right" in the first place. I get sick and tired of flag waving thugs thinking they understand this "Right", without the realization the reason it was ordained so with respect to the thy "Militia". We are the "Militia", but when we are so divided as a nation we crash and burn what the Founding Fathers designed for our future well-being. Divided we fall, say it again: DIVIDED WE FALL! Anyway, the fact that  Bryan and John and Heather and Paul and Cheryl have been allowed "Immunity" by the Justice Department but still need to exercise their 5th Amendment Right when called before Congress, there is a cover-up going down and even more crap left on the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial. Look, it is no longer about Hillary Clinton even though she allowed loose lips to sink this ship - which is now feeling the agony of defeat as a shipwreck of fools. See, when it is in the "Best Interest" of national security, "extreme carelessness" behavior can get one very close to the Oval Office. I guess it is either a Hillary or the Dumpster as the next un-framer of the Constitution. We get what we deserve, which is good for Obama - as he will find that is encouraging upon his legacy as the "Last Great" Commander-in-Peace. So the Obama Oval Office is just looking after America, and by that uncompromising dedication there comes a compromise for Hillary - off the hook. Yes it is indeed that proverbial Catch-22 and Mobius Strip search, which means it has a double edged trickery associated with the outcome. See, when Hillary went "Private", well it opened up the backdoor for our trade secrets to be secured by a rogue nation - a podunk Iran. We cyber-attacked them, they retaliated with the cyber weapons we left behind and our vulnerability was through the Clinton's backdoor - yes in Chappaqua when Bill was on a sneak-out sleaze-out affair. And we are now paying ransom, to get some of the stuff destroyed or returned. It was not Russia, Vladimirror "Smok'n" Putin became the recipient of some of the goods as the highest bidder, and what was stolen from Hillary is worth its weight in gold. See, Putin knows how the "trade secrets" can affect this nation's standing, so wants the US to get it back, but wants Iran to benefit the value of such a vulnerability penetration. See, it's a political maneuver - called what goes around comes around to haunt payback time! And the ransom checks being bounced over to Iran, it will be sealed under executive privilege forever amen. Obama was screwed over by Hillary. "WE the PEOPLE" were screwed over by Hillary, yet we have so many that want her "IN"? It is all about sacrifice, Hillary goes free, we pay dearly - money as ransom from our hard earned income. Yes, U.S. Taxpayers' money being used to settle the ransom dispute - and guess what, the rich don't care as paying taxes is still a mystery when it comes down to "fair share" we learned it all in kindergarten. See, Hillary was not asked to testify under oath before going into the FBI Gulag dungeon, as the interrogators where warned to let her slide by. In fact, the "Interrogators" became in reality "Interpreters" instead. Had she been required to be honest and truthful, she would have then asked for the same kind of "Immunity". Now Imagine, going into the last stretch with a candidate under quarantine? In fact, many constitutional scholars have warned that is indeed a disqualifier - an immunity deal. And I would bet that she knew something, so was allowed a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, and has laughed all the way to the presidential candidates' podium. She is a joke, and Donald is the other joke. But here is another test for all "True" Americans. We as a nation spend a whole lot of loot on the "WAR MACHINE". We spend more of our taxpayer money on "WAR". Yet both Trump and Hillary want to "rebuild" our military? I guess that means spending more then the 22 national powerhouses combined. We have basically shot ourselves in the foot, both feet and the groin is feeling the pain of this "War" mentality hatred. See, following the Vietnam war, the rich realized that "WAR" is like the energizer bunny when it comes to making $$$$, but only if it can be continued on without abatement - wherein PEACE is not an option that Estate Trust portfolio gaining $millions$. So, we as a nation like "WAR". Today, 45% of wages from sea to shining sea are generated by this "WAR MACHINE" mentality. Now don't get me wrong, great technology comes from killing babies and sending bombs away into nap time at kindergartens, but is it worth it? And even though most of the bastard mustard gas is being destroyed, it is still being used in the "Killing Fields". And could not mankind demonstrate the same advancements for civilization without the "Killing Fields". Sure, as mankind does have a "soul". We kind of lost touch with what was going on to advance civilization without "WAR", as Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama are the only U.S. gentlemen that share honors in the Nobel Peace Prize - for trying to stop "WAR" while engaged in the White House. But when we stop the atrocities of killing by brute force, then defense contractors suffer and the trickle-down theory causes an economic hardship across the bow of this once great land - the reason the biggest lobby today is the "K Street Defense" and nobody in Congress will ever second guess any appropriations earmarked for the "Military Budget". We have become addicted to "WAR". And this is the main reason many are comfortable with either a Hillary or a Trump - Daddy Warbucks coming to town. We are sick, when our economic survival rests in the "Killing Fields". We start wars, then we appear as the keeper of peace and continue to build warships and warplanes, for nothing more than a show of force Mr. Good Guy! Don't believe me, where in hell did ISIS come from? Look no further than through money and power influenced by the Project for the New American Century. And while this ongoing evolution to make "WAR" acceptable because it pays to do so for our economic well-being, the "Homeland" infrastructure deteriorates beyond recognition because our resources are stolen away by the wealthy wanting even more. Said again, "WAR" makes money for investors on Wall Street! OK, many highways will soon be "Third World" rated, because of the ransom we are paying to Iran - as it is "WAR". One we started! And whatever happened to "Give Peace a Chance"? So don't be surprised to find out that "WAR" is taking the 5th, and provided immunity, because we as a nation have demonstrated that we like war, we cherish war, as that is what allows us to rest at home on weekends drinking beer and watching as football players making millions desecrate on the Red, White & Blue - because we have lost the real war of "Brotherly Love". When a nation's economic superiority relies on the "Killing Fields", we have abandoned the Constitution and what it stands for - and like already eluded upon, we have become constipated. Thank you Mr. Carter. Thank you Barack. And I am glad I voted for that PEACE. Spidernote: Some scientists think that Aliens are avoiding a visit here? Well any race other then this here on earth, a race that has the knowhow to travel through space aboard a time-warp machine can also look down on us - and any race that has advanced to such an Alien status, why in hell would they want to visit a colony that is overrun by a virus of "HATE"? Maybe their advancements to go where no man has gone before comes about by a peaceful agenda. We must start to "BAN WAR TODAY", else it will be more of the same...even on a Sunday.

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