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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sister Morphine

According to fine-fine hard to find print in the latest medical report sent out by her campaign, Hillary Clinton was resting comfortably in Weston, Connecticut - as there was just too much penis envy from the news media at her home in Chappaqua following her Freudian "Curbside" Slip. There is only 30-miles difference from her "Server Home" to her rest home, so Bill is safe fooling around. I had a tough time deciphering the medical Latin lingo - Harvard scribble - her current condition, but here is what I did take away. She is being treated by Keith Richards at his rural enclave away from the mainstream medias' attention. This homestead is well known for prescription drugs and has an Rx flashing sign, so a great rehab place. Rumor has it that Chevy Chase is also in rehab here, so if comedy is the best medicine Hillary will be back to hormone soon. Martha Stewart sent her regards, but sent to wrong place. See, Martha thought Hillary was incarcerated at the Federal Corrections Institute in Danbury, a stone's throw from Keith's place. Sorry Martha, someone else is holding out in your old cell. Dear Martha, Hillary didn't do anything wrong, she was just "extremely careless". Dear Hillary, please get well our young daughters are unsafe when you lose sight of Bill, please return home and barricade that back-door!

Y'all got cocaine eyes

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