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Friday, September 2, 2016

Under House Arrest?

So Hillary Clinton has been a NO SHOW, for some-over-time by now and has not allowed for a press briefing in almost a year's time. She is running for the President, and balks at such opportunities to be tried? And we know it is not due any medical reason, as Bill sported a black-eye the other day, so what gives her absence on the political stage? OK, I have a conspiracy theory that is gaining popularity. Hillary is under HOUSE ARREST. See, she was allowed a very convenient plea bargain agreed upon by the FBI and Justice Department, no criminal charges, for her dealings in the "Private Server". So I applied for a Freedom of Information Act, for the prisoner inmate numbers that are being re-used. Yes, when a prisoner under Federal Penitentiary jurisdiction passes away, that inmate's number can be re-cycled. And low and behold, the records indicate that there is an inmate that has today 5247 on that florescent orange jumpsuit, but all other information on the prisoner is kept secret? It doesn't even provide any information at which camp such incarceration takes place - like it's a witness protection like sentencing. The only thing that is known about Inmate 5247 is the fact this person-of-interest comes from zip code 10514 - which is Chappaqua New York, a female at 68 years of age and next of kin a husband named William and a daughter named Monica? Ironic, that this was Charles Ponzi's license plate when incarcerated. Now the only other thing that is known about incognito Mrs. 5247, no conjugal visits? And here is why this is more than a conspiracy theory. When Jeffrey Epstein was taken down, he was allowed a very lenient miss-behavior sentencing, because he was best friends with Bill Clinton. See, Bill pardoned Hillary when he was the president, little known fact - just kidding! So Hillary is free to go about her business, and only has to stay put in a cell for 48-days throughout the entire sentencing, just like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton's best friend and co-founder of the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation. See, that is the reason Bill was caught on the tarmac with Loretta, as the details of Hillary's incarceration were designed for such secrecy. And this leniency comes about due the fact the Justice Department trusts Bill, when he is supervising Hillary. The same deal that Jeffrey Epstein found when he was caught molesting 14-year old girls, yes Bill's best friend and traveling partner on global initiative junkets aboard Jeffery's whore house on high in the sky - Lolita Baby. So Hillary is doing her time for the crime and if all goes well and this supervised incarceration finds no disruptions except a few good punches landed, by November 8th Hillary would have done the time, and free to go - to Washington to take up residence in the Oval Office?

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