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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Stop the PRESS

Look, I don't give a rat's ass about the Dumpster's tax returns. Divide by zero means Racketeering Individuals Corrupt Organizations, but even with laws to harass such bigotry behavior, appears crime does pay for the "loop-holed" elite. It's called IRS Form FUCK YOU AMERICA! Look, the wealthy don't pay anywhere near their fare share, so why make it public as it is just salt on an old wound. Remember the Warren Buffet "Litmus Test", wherein Mr. Buffet proved to Congress that his lowest paid office aide had an income tax burden greater than on his own $65-Billion estate! At least he pays a few pennies on the dollar. OK, he pays 15-cents, you and I pay 32-cents for paving the American highways, and we all use that infrastructure! And the only reason Mitt is pissed at Trump, because Romney still pays 14%, about half of what you and I don't take home. So the tax burden for the 1% ranges between "ZERO" and 15%, affordable living? And this crap about both the Clintons and the Donald Tower having RICO like "Charitable Foundations", all the rich bastards maintain these easy to form "Charitable Organizations", as a "Homegrown" tax shelter, where "Charitable" is but a suggestion. There are tens-of-thousands of these "Foundations" in existence today, and the word "Charitable" affords leniency from the IRS. Law firms make millions supporting this "scumbag scam". See, it works like this. I have a business, and can only write off so much on the profits, even after hiding away stuff in the many loop-holes for the rich and famous. So I start a "990-Charity", and I divert my would be taxable business income towards a "slush fund", that is not "taxable" and earmark that money for "Humanity"...I use it to go on exclusive vacations under the disguise of "Humanitarian", using my 990 as a front. And I can wine and dine myself at the best resorts, the best wine, the best of everything as long as I keep tricking the intent of "Charitable". That is what it boils down to, as today the "Charitable Organization" does not operate as it is supposed to operate, the true intent has been ransacked. Case in point and I hate to pick on Bill and Hillary, their "Chastity" paid out $21-million on the wine & dine. So NO, Bill and Hillary and Chelsea do not make a wage from the "Foundation", but they eat well on the road. And they run an honest business, now for those on the other side? Say the least, all good things come to an end, it did with the "Charities" and today it is with ill intent. Hey, my income tax is "charitable", as I give but disapprove as when a nation promotes "WAR" for jobs, and we spend more loot for bombs then the other 11 major economic unions, we have been mesmerized. Time and time again, us hard working salt-of-the-earth middle class peons get screwed. We have no say, we are forced to go along for the ride. We vote, but then our demands are checked at the gate's of Congress by the "Loop-Hole Lobby's" scanning machine - ZAP! Hey, we just wrote a $38-billion dollar check to Israel, for Netany's "WAR MACHINE". And yes, I have blood on my hands this loot, well because I pay taxes. Now Trump, he doesn't pay up, so I guess when it comes time to pass through the Pearly Gates, he gets preference because he did not pay for the killing fields and Mitt can cop a plea bargain. Now when Hillary had a Freudian "Curbside" SLIP the other day, the media has demanded the medical records, from Mrs. Server and the Dumpster. And in those medical reports, the FOX & HOUND medias' medical staff wants...drum roll please, their sex activity reports. Gag me with a spoon, as that's despicable. Then again, if Hillary says she has no sex with Bill, then maybe we find the reason Bill was a regular on the Lolita Express - Jeffrey Epstein's underage whore house on high. Ok, it would be interesting to know if "THE DONALD" takes Viagra...what else would cause that hairdo to act like an erection lasting longer then 4-hours? And since on the subject of erectile dysfunction, why is it suspicious that 3 of the IT guys that maintained the Clinton server pleaded the 5th before the U.S. Congress? And the only other IT guru that did talk, he acknowledged that he had remote access to the "Bill & Hillary Server", and never once held a government security clearance! And for real, as when the Colorado based IT guys were making a copy of all the Clinton e-mails before applying BleachBITch, the Laptop with the goods - including "Top Secrets" and what appears to be "porn" - when it was being sent through the U.S. Postal service to the State Department, it went lost? IMAGINE, finding a laptop with all of Hillary's fantasies, October lust...OK, that Colorado Plat-River outfit acknowledged before Congress that when the bid for maintaining the "Clinton Server" went public, they bid on it but laughed as they had no "Security Clearance", and laughed even more when they were awarded the contract?

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