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Friday, September 9, 2016

Spying 9 to 5!

I am amazed...take that back I am amused upon the fact that the Journalistic IQ is today equal to Hillary Clinton's "Credibility" score, ZERO! See, this "Clinton Private Server" fiasco keeps on giving, yet it is more of the same nothing. I have spent time fascinated over the fact that some can break the law without any serious ramifications but have by now rested my case, even though Hillary did indeed break numerous laws many of us must abide by or else be fired, maybe jailed. But the media doesn't get it, and it is right there in front of them-very-own-eyes yet both the FOX and the Hound fails to bring forward the main issue - like trying to get blood out of a turnip. It is NOT Hillary that is the matter this obstructionism! OK, when Hillary was elected to be the Secretary of State under the Obama administration, it was with good faith and of good intent - as Hillary was capable of following Obama's lead on world affairs. So what I swear with a big deal sigh that she used that position to shore up the contributions to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation. I didn't give so no lose. Now one of the benefits of being so high up the Chain-of-Command, you get private bathrooms constructed at your residence - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. So soon after Hillary was sworn in as Obama's assailant, work crews headed to the home she shares with Bill in Chappaquiddick, to install the stalls. OK, these bathrooms are more than a crapper and in reality a disguise, designed for secrecy and eavesdropped hardened like a nuclear fallout shelter, full-proof privacy - like a Catholic confessional, with a different kind of stench. Secret sound-proof boxes so privileged administrative personnel can have "TOP SECURITY BRIEFINGS" when their husbands are fooling around and not be distracted by moans and groans. So at the Clinton's Chappaquiddick home, there existed this hi-tech crapper that had the latest and greatest communication stuff that was basically a spy like phone booth. It was linked-up to Obama's crapper! Now when Hillary was gallivanting around the globe, I guess when Bill had the urge to have a good dump, he may have found the Queen's throne - and low and behold the eyes and ears to his dream come true. And that is the dilemma we face today, Bill was spying. He's an xxx-president. He had security clearance once-upon-a-time so started dabbling into spying on Hillary's business - how boring. But if what he learned was then used in the Sid Blumenthal gambling network, it's spying and this nation would be hard pressed to bring Bill Clinton to trial. It doesn't look good, it hurts our image. So that is the reason this "Server" thing finds no traction for any criminal indictment, and we have yet another Bill Clinton scandal being sidetracked using all resources available. The reason Hillary is not troubled and has never hinted any concern over what she did or didn't do - she is innocent. And why do you think Bill has been very quiet over this "Server" thing? He's guilty and if a single piece of evidence surfaces that Bill was involved behind the scenes, kiss your ass goodbye. So the G-Man, including the FBI, it is doing a standup comedy job keeping us entertained and off course, as imagine if Hillary wins the 45th and then Bill is on trial? So what is happening today with the Clinton's is but for a single reason, national security, taking maybe not the correct road, but a detour around a very sensitive issue. Someday the truth will be known, let's just hope Bill has learned his lesson and maybe instead of getting involved in Hillary's business, rebuild that friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and fly away, as when Bill is on the "Lolita Express", even though our little girls are not safe,  our trade secrets are! Oh, my mistake. Bill and Hillary live in Chappaqua, not Chappaquiddick. That was Ted Kennedy's secret hideout for hiding the evidence. I stand corrected, so should the news media correct its detour and start looking for the truth, and "Read My Lips" said Bill!

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