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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Black Baud Conspiracy

The "CyberWAR" has hit home! And it will cost us dearly, now and until time ends eternity. Maybe the destruction from this new-age warfare will change the detour of course, the chaotic trip mankind has been on for way too long! "War what is it good for, absolutely nothing" and maybe for once we can finally come together as one-in-the-same globally speaking. The time has come and out of this war new life, with love-not-hate be our only hope. History of this War: Back during the time George Bush was in charge of the Oval Office, there came a silent like attack on Iran, in efforts to destroy that rogue nation's thirst to acquire a nuclear weapon. IMAGINE how Netanyahu would behave if such a deterrent so close? Iran to Tel Aviv - 980 miles the carrier pigeon flies this albatross around his neck. Then again, it could also be used as a "Weapon of Mass Destruction". That said, no easy task, as this involved a plan of attack from abroad upon a very secure industrial setting - the Natanz nuclear station that was a front, used at hiding the enrichment of uranium from mine run radioactive dirt to weapons grade fuel. Operation Olympic Games came to be and with the help of Siemens, as this German based conglomerate had sold processing computers to a 3rd party that then sold the goods to Iran, the NSA assembled in a secret location with the brightest of hi-tech nerds with nerves and bits-of-brains-of-bits and devised a plan, that when unleashed was to raise havoc. After a year in the planning stage, the Stuxnet virus was planted, and the rest was history. Unknown to the IRAN scientists and plant operators overseeing the enrichment process, that was very close to providing enough fuel for "Da Bomb", fake signals indicated all was good when in reality the high-speed centrifuges were intentionally sent to over-speed towards uncontrolled destruction. It set Iran's nuclear bomb making desires back many years, maybe forever, as with sanctions the broken equipment could not be restored. Overnight success it was, and Peace on Earth! Until the Iranian science community extracted the remains of the destructive virus, cloned a more destructive "worm" that which was then used to infiltrate weaknesses in our national security. It was Iran's version of the "Ultimate" weapon. Guess what, who cares about Hillary sending and receiving "Classified Documents" over her private server, as the Iran Cyberspies had found that vulnerability, and unleashed the "Flame-OUT" - a virus so damaging that it held the power of destruction  a thousand-times greater in comparison the original NSA virus. And to make matters worse off, the Iran version was not secluded to the industrial only environment, but made for the every-morning "Joe Scarborough" interest in the InterNET. What goes around comes around, as we forgot to clean up our act with the success story, and today we suffer by leaving behind the "evidence". And guess what, a majority of our government computers at the highest level of "Secret" may be vulnerable, that is fixable but time consuming and the nasty behind this virus is the fact it is so stealth-like. To re-iterate, we invented the bastard and it now has abandoned children!  If a piece of the code is left behind, it contains a DNA that allows it to "seek-out" instructions so it can morph back to life - like when a chameleon loses a tail, it grows back. Seek & Deploy & Destroy takes on new meaning. Yes, and just like when a lizard is under attack, it can shed the tail - same with the Flame-OUT. If it sees a threat of a "scrubbing", it can shed pieces that contain the DNA, which makes it impossible for any computer to capture all the splits, like a cancer cell it basically multiplies faster then any attempt by the CPU to target to rest this incest. So today the United States is being held hostage, and due the fact we have no idea the severity and what was copied from thousands of government computers - OK, when Hillary went connected to a private server that was linked to the State Department, we lost the "CyberWAR".  So it was not Putin, it was Iran using our own technology. It is the entire reason Hillary claims "I'm innocent", she did nothing intentionally wrong. This was our virus! See, we are being held hostage for ransom by Iran - the reason we are paying out handsomely "Big Bucks" and getting no oil in return. In fact, Iran doesn't have to pump oil any more, as Mr. Daddy Warbucks is very generous these days. We shot ourselves in the foot, both flippers and the groin is showing signs of shrapnel wounds. We may be buying back "hack" attacks, based on the theory we have been violated. OK, the Iran "worm" was designed as a "Kaspersky" front, it opened up a back-door "port" on every damn computer that still "beeps" wherein data-mining was and still today finds an unorthodox ways and means to rob us from the comfort of our living rooms. The only sanctuary away from this attack are those left homeless. When e-mails were sent between the Clinton Server and the WWW, the "worm" went along in pieces. Over time, the "worm" could be reconstructed. Yes, I can here old Johnny, "I did it once piece at a time", except this is not funny. The reason we cannot get rid of it, as when it was originally formulated by the NSA, the intent was a piece-meal violation, thus it was undetectable as a "virus". So that is the reason Hillary is free, she did nothing wrong but all the time the G-Man has been using her as a frontal abuse object, when behind the scenes Iran plays games with our NAVY and collects the ransom - so far in the tune of $33-Billion, and there is no path of return. So to protect Netany, we started a "CyberWAR", and it followed the Mobius Strip agenda, as its destruction stares us right in the face, yet we cannot do an about face about it - except pay the demands or else the leaks will surely set us back to, well day UNO! So get a grip, it is not the 2016 election cycle that should be of concern, the White House is under attack, we are under attack, and this is the kind of war that finds no end in sight - because this is the kind of conflict even mankind has not the answers. How vulnerable? Once the Flame-OUT infiltrated the "Clinton Server", it allowed spies to infiltrate the entire government secure network - yes a single breach is all it required, because once into the system it was beyond the security, it was a free-for-all. Nuclear codes? Most likely, even though such can be changed. But IMAGINE getting a ransom note from Iran with the codes, when still active? And rumor has it that Iran is auctioning off some of the stuff, to other rouge nations. Yes, the kind of war even our military was not prepared for fighting - ground troops don't work, it's now all but a money game. And maybe, just maybe this war of all wars - well our security is in ruins - so maybe we should be open to compromise as it is draining the U.S. Treasury and just about the time Obama leaves office, then whatever is in the Oval Office will have to make peace, either through continued ransom payments or magic. See, if it were any different, if this was not the scenario before our very own eyes, by now the entire Hillary Clinton server issue would have rested its case - but due the fact we are under attack and the severity yet to be determined, the only placating Obama can do is pay up. But there will come a time soon wherein we must make a decision - either find a peaceful nemesis or  practice what Bob Marley preached, "Total Destruction is the Only Solution" which means this nation will be forced to approve an Armageddon, and how do we teach our children that kind of diplomacy? We can't, so peace is our only option. We need Bernie Sanders, NOW!!!!!

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