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Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Wins ALASKA

With early voting in and even before the 1st showdown between Donald "Dumpster" Trump and Hillary "Extremely Careless" Clinton, it appears Alaskans have shown an interest in the "Dumpster" as the next Commander-in-Disbelief. See, early on during the primary Alaska said NO to Trump and signaled an interest in the Cruz - because we like missiles. But since then the Trump campaign has spent loot bribing the voters. See, Trump said he would fix the stronghold held by the democrats in Alaska, that held by Bill Sheffield and the Alaska Railroad. Trump's spoke-wheel said if the "Tower" was elected that would be the end of the free handout to Casey Jones. For years, the Alaska Railroad - a state run CORPORATION, which means highway robbery salaries for the executive branch - that entity has been allowed to exist by major donations from the U.S. Treasury. Yes, taxpayers' loot used to keep the trains rolling along to make the Koch Brothers $millions$ in "Railroad Maintenance Tax Credit" bribes. The ARR is the other "AMTRAK" run amuck in disguise. Take that back, as Amtrak today pays its own way! Bottom-line, at least half of the operating budget for the Alaska Railroad is courtesy Uncle Sam - some $45-million each and every year since Congressmen Don Young has been an advocate of coconuts and a secret lover of Nancy "Rabid Skunk" Pelosi - just kidding! Now a handout is not a bad thing, as long as the rules are followed. And that is wherein Trump said he would fix the swindling away of the taxpayers' money. See, trains from sea to shining sea are required to offer "Half Fares" on popular routes and destinations, as a ways and means "We the People" get something in return for the prolific pilferage upon our stashed loot for those highway robbery salaries. Now, such discounts are offered to the elderly, the low income and our military volunteers. But in Alaska, due the fact that this could wreck havoc on the profits of the cruise ship industry, the "Half Fare" doesn't come into effect until the winter. And if I were to take advantage of the out-of-season discount, due my age, I could take a train from Anchorage to Fairbanks - but be stuck in the interior for a week, as there isn't a daily express. Now during the summer tourism attraction months, there is a train back and forth every damn day - but at rates that are well, highway robbery and NO discounts. Most Alaskans have never traveled by train, because of the outrageous costs involved - when we are subsidizing the beast! Because of the handout by the government, "Half Fares" are not a suggestion, but a requirement. But such discounts are for everyone to enjoy, and that would cut into the profits of the "Special Interest", as why in hell pay 3-times as much for a ride aboard a "Princess" car? So the "Princess" lobby has maintained control over this for way too many years, and this about face with Trump is good. And now that the corruption is being tamed, maybe all Alaskan's can get a rebate for those expensive joy rides. Maybe we can sue the ARR for each and every year this "Half Fare" has disappeared, get "OUR" money back for that U.S. government subsidized handout. In fact, that could amount to a good sum of much needed money, especially with oil prices so low. My estimates look at a $450-million fine. So even though I am not a fan of Trump or Hillary, at least we see some semblance of un-rigging. And this is all I wanted out of the 45th, which means I don't have to waste time watching the crappy debates - as I will be busy planning my trips on the Bill Sheffield "Special Discount" Express. Way to go Mr. Trump. And I bet Mr. Young is pissed, maybe time for the Bennie cap again!

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