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Friday, September 9, 2016


So, Congress came back to work for a few hours just the other day, after its record setting vacation junket! Yes, the 114th Congress made up of 435 House and 100 Senate members came into work for a few hours, I guess on "Over-Time" only to fail  a bill that would provide funding to eradicate the Zika virus. See, it's an election year so Congress gets extra erection time off? OK, the 114th enjoyed 41 consecutive days vacation, came back for a NO vote and now more vacation time - all in a day's work. Remember, it's an election year so things of national importance can wait. They should be ashamed at themselves. But the Democrats voted NO against the bill that would protect pregnant women against the Zika, because like any other "crap" legislation, any bill that would help was tainted with extracurricular "pork" for the Republicans. Look, Congress does not give a rat's ass about anything except itself and making sure Hillary Clinton is elected as the 45th. Then she will be able to sign a bill that pardons herself, Bill and Chelsea. In the meantime we suffer and maybe by this time next year after countless retarded babies are born, we find money to research why Congress is retarded. I hate using that word, but it seems to fit the dysfunctionality that is broadcast throughout the Congress.  Just in: See, during the debate over funding for the Zika, a member of Congress had a vial full of Zika carrying mosquitoes for his show & tell time. And when the vote for funding went south and the Congressional "Bell of Freedom" rang out "Schools out again for the summer", the membership started heading south for more vacation - well the vial was opened to let the mosquitoes free. That is bad business, as virus carrying scum have found an ideal place to breed called the "Halls of Congress". Look Congress is broke, the FBI is broke, the IRS is broke, but lucky for US we have a man in the Oval Office that cares and at least for the next 133-days, I will enjoy time left with tranquility. As after that Armageddon Apocalypse NOW will be the penance and the price, if either a Trump or Clinton to the roost.

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