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Friday, September 16, 2016


I am glad to see Michael "No More WAR" Moore has taken the same standing I have been convinced upon for a spell, that neither the Donald "Dumpster" Trump or Hillary "Freudian Curbside SLIP" Clinton will be on the November 8th ballot. It will instead be a "Write In" election, unless the ballots can be re-printed with "Qualifications Lacking" for the current front-runners. The Clockwork Orange is ticking, as we are all starting to feel the pain of abuse the realization we have no other choices - yet. My head hurts from this aversion therapy, thinking that this once great nation is about to stoop so low in the category of Commander-in-Chief. They're both "Deplorable" basket cases. So, when a Michael Moore thinks there is hope, I am in agreement that with pen in hand, Americans will be ready to say NAY to the ticking time bombs and use the power of the pen and 1st Amendment right and get it right with a write in. And Bravo, as today, Bernie Sanders re-opened up campaign offices in several major cities. Look, even though Bernie was ripped off by "Debbie Does Howard Dean", tired he was not and didn't just go away to Walley World. No, Bernie has kept a low profile, realizing that he may be called to action in efforts to defend liberty, as Hillary's replacement. And on the other side of the isle? Divide by zero error!

Every picture tells a story, every story a vision and if you really want to get a grip of what we are facing as a nation with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as Commander-in-Chief, here are the must reads.

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