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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Loony Bin USA

Look Donald Trump is a "Turd On the Run". He's a clown and the only thing good that could come out of a Trump 45th White House win is a "Wooly Willy" for future generations - bad hair day makes my day! The sad thing, the competition and the "Turd" are so close that it speaks upon a patheticalnest in politics. Imagine running against Trump and being so close in the polls, it's a nightmare on Elm Street come true! If I were Hillary and found myself so close to the Dumpster, I would run for cover - admit I lied about everything even her love for Bill and get prosecuted just so I could cop a plea bargain and sail off into the sunset in a witness protection program. Hillary has to be nuts. And without Hillary the Dumpster would still be attacking "White Noise", which would prove he is also insane. See, if it were the 1950s, both Trump and Hillary would be in the "Funny Farm" where "Life is beautiful all the time". It is what we are hearing from the fruitcakes that makes me question this authority lacking responsibility. All we hear from the diarrhea spigots are doom & gloom, when all I want to hear from the candidate debate is the "Truth", that gets my vote. And I want to hear a single promise, that they will continue the Obama legacy. Look, love-it-or-leave-it, Obama is doing a Reagan and Carter all at the same time - what more could we squask for in a Commander-in-Chief. Squask? Squawk when we ask a question - a new word. Yes, we have before US a genuine miracle in Obama, as he has taken a failed economy, a failed infrastructure, a failed military and made good sense out of the Bush-Cheney years of nonsense. When is the last time you saw "Help Wanted" signs posted along the freeways? Wherein today we enjoy a time one can look around at ease while driving without going airborne so many potholes? It's happening, from sea to shining sea. The only thing that hasn't been fixed is the inner city disturbances, but the seed has been sown. One day the statistics will challenge what the Dumpster and Hillary are trying to use to break up a good thing - that Hail Mary plan both are utilizing in desperation. Obama bashing it is, as nothing is supposed to be good during an election year. It is sad, that there are individuals that have still a footing on this soil and "Hate" Obama! Look around you Mr. & Mrs. Jerkoffadict, Obama is the best President and Commander-in-Chief ever this nation! Look again if you can't face the "Truth", Donald Trump has no interest in becoming the 45th, just too much work and all under the microscope. He is doing this "Reality" show to show the voters how ridiculous it is that Hillary is in the running and he can ruin that chance. What if, well Trump is pulling ahead of Hillary and we may find out that you don't mess around with that red briefcase. It's all for the ultimate "Reality" show, and should be a lessons learned that we need to re-institute the "Funny Farm", and it would be an overnight success with likely candidates. Look, in a nutshell Trump is pulling the Henry Murray Experiment on Hillary. And we know what that kind of psychological personology abuse gave us - Ted Krazczynski! 


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