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Sunday, October 2, 2016

2016 Chainsaw Massacre

So, it is turning out to be a "Distemper" affair, between the Dumpster and Hillary. Yes, distemper! With the common signs of sneezing, coughing, foaming at the mouth, loss of balance. Both candidates suffer and show signs that this once only for canines virus has taken over the mind and will of the people...and I am glad that Hillary finally came honest with something, that being what she thinks about Bernie Sanders and his supporters. And I am glad that Constitutional scholars are starting to think this may be the 1st time in history wherein the Electoral College finds itself under the disguise of the "Faithless Electorate", and decides to cast 270 votes for a still unknown person, fit to be the 45th Commander-in-Chief. Else we may be left with a Commander-in-Disbelief! So the Dumpster claimed a "Tax Deductible Income Loss" of $900-million back in the 90's? OK, he is a businessman, and like any other big-business like the GMs, it is OK to legally deliver write-ins to the IRS with excessive negative income, as Uncle Sam is pretty generous to give returns for nothing gained - a.k.a. "K Street" rigged system. So I am sick and tired of the rhetoric and don't give a rat's ass about Trump's tax scams. Get over it, he doesn't pay any taxes and a majority of the 1% don't pay any taxes and guys like Mitt Romney, well he is abused in the tax haven heaven as being an investor only and pays 11% on his earnings, but gets to write-off his $10-million luxury-liner cabin on Lake Winnamuckie and yes the jet-skies are also write-off tools of the trade. You and I, we are burdened with thrice what those rich that do pay hand over. And we must pay our fair share up-front, while the rich can delay for years any pittance to help pave our roads from sea to shining sea. See, many rich bastards don't use the highways, as private jets are the way they travel, so are adamant that they should not have to contribute to "this land is my land, this land is your land, from California to the New York Island, from the redwood forest to the gulf stream waters, this land was made for you and me". I wonder what Woody would say about this 2016 chainsaw massacre with the distemper candidates? The political "election" system is being destroyed through the 2016 reality fantasy, may as well rename it the pooplitical! But here it is in a nutshell, I mean distemper moment. Hillary is today bashing Trump, over his representation without taxation. So having access to a Cray Super-Spying computer located in Alaska and courtesy of Uncle Sam, I found the following calculation. If Trump was not allowed to gamble away the U.S. Treasury, "We the People" would be richer by a bunch of unclaimed loot, which under Obama may have come as a surprise rebate for us hard working "baristas" - according to Chelsea Clinton's definition of the middle-class.  Distemper Moment: Hillary is adamant she will not raise taxes on the middle class, which means we get stuck paying the same. Donald says tax breaks for business only, so we get stuck paying the same under either Commander-in-Disbelief. Is this what America is all about? Anyway, the Cray ran a number crunching comparison between what the Dumpster does in efforts to contribute to the Treasury, alongside the Clintons. Now when the costs to secure Bill when flying aboard the "Lolita Express" - the underage whore house on high and piloted by sex-offender pervert Jeffrey Epstein - and all the other perks allowed former impeached U.S. Presidents and taking into account what it cost the FBI to acknowledge that Hillary was "extremely careless" with Top Secret information...Look, the American people are being screwed by both, as the Clinton's have no loyalty to this nation, as we tried to impeach the pervert - Bill I am talking about. And with Trump? So it must be "Distemper", and we are about to have a den of rabie-ass fools take over the Oval Office. And then that Treasury money will be contaminated, with every disease known to mankind and about the only thing that will come about this sad state of affairs, that being Soylent Green coming true! So please Mr. & Mrs. Electorate from sea to shining sea, do your job and deny any votes for either a Trump or Clinton be counted by the Congress, as I would prefer to have a Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch as interim leaders, and I am a Democrat that was shat upon by the Clintons, and cannot stand the fact of being shat upon by Trump. Enough is enough. OK, what Donald should have paid as taxable income and what it cost the U.S. Taxpayers for Bill & Hillary's shenanigans, it is divide by zero in both cases, a wash as "We the People" are screwed time and time again. Yes, it is time for a change but not through distempering leadership. Vote your conscious, DON'T VOTE and let Congress do its job in making sure we have a leader that is, well free of distemper.
 A nation divided...

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