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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum

The Latin, it means "Let justice be served though the heavens may fall". Sad, that it is no longer what drives our jurisprudence guidance when a wrong has been committed and justice shall prevail. As the shall has been replaced by "maybe", depending on the actors involved in the crime. It's "black kids on mopeds" sent to the Clink while the Maggot Thatchers go free for crimes that defy human decency. Dear Mr. Comedy, yes the FBI under your watch has been redefined also, as the Mustela. NO, not another name for a tough guy Mafioso, it means "weasel". You Sir were the one that instigated the "weasel" showdown, in fact your institution better named Mustela Excrement, and the conflagration the outcome of your Hillary Clinton "extreme carelessness" investigation points to even more "carelessness" on behave of the once-upon-a-time all powerful Federal Bureau of Investigation. Maybe Federal Bureau of Inoculation is a better fit, as with Hillary Clinton crime does pay as she may be the next Commander-in-Disbelief! You let it happen, on your watch! In fact, I once thought of you as the true "Elliot Ness"! What the FBI stood for under Hoover, well it has been burned down to the ground. Is not honesty the best policy? Why cannot you be honest with the American people, as we don't give a rat's ass what you told Congress. She's guilty, the "ham sandwich" finds indictable behavior does it not?  I am a democrat, a little socialist in me, so I stand with Bernie Sanders. We are the true "Democrats", as the fakes have taken over, also called Deanmoncrats. See the Howard Dean panties-to-tight party along with the Debbie Wasserman Shultzs, well the "True" party was defecated upon so your investigation could have fixed the "rigged" system. Now we must wait, and time is not on this nation's side as we are so divided. An indictment of Hillary, to get her away from the corrupt political scene would have started this nation down the right path once again away from the detour we have been castrated towards. You know she is guilty. I bet you don't sleep at night, maybe you can't even get an erection any longer. See, I always thought very highly of your dedication to the bureau, but what came out of the Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton treaty, why not tell your boss to shove her desires? "WE the PEOPLE" deserve respect, above and beyond and today I have reason to believe that "respect" is but a suggestion only. What is everybody trying to hide, as the evidence is overwhelming? All I wanted was Maggot Clinton disqualified under 18 U.S.C 2071. No jail time, no penalty fine, just a disqualification from ever again holding an office under these United States. Had you done your job and thrown the book at Clinton a violation under that "simple" code, then it would have been up to constitutional scholars and maybe the U.S. Supreme court to weigh in the verdict. You would have been a hero, instead you are calling yourself and the bureau brothers, well it was yourself that promoted the "Weasel", not Congress. The shat is sticking and maybe your true feelings of what you had to do for reasons unsympathetic. Now I can see and except through reason as a matter of national security the outcome, like maybe Hillary was just a floating turd in a giant political cesspool...OK that is how I feel today the outcome of your investigation. "WE the PEOPLE" have been crapped upon, and you Mr. Comedy pulled the flushing chain, we just happened to be hanging by the outfall and caught all the fallout. This is NOT good for our nation, and even though I would never see eye-to-eye with Trey Gowdy on political goals, today I am on his side what he thinks of, well your weasel posse. Amazing what can bring this nation together! OK, I am open to forgiving, if the FBI has the balls to send the Clinton's a bill for reimbursing the American Taxpayers for the shenanigans over Hillary's "Private Parts", as why in hell do we have to pay for nothing but a weaseling out outcome? Remember, it was your words that instigated the "weasel" name calling, said again like you feel that way also because you were pressured the outcome - and Hillary smiles all the way to the next crime scene, and that may be the Oval Office wherein you have no power. Thanks for at least trying to right a wrong. In ending, I hope you retire soon and write a book, about what really happened behind closed doors so "We the People" can once again find confidence in the FBI.

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