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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday Night Live Massacre

Dear John Podesta;

You are a weasel  SON OF A BITCH - take your caviar and lobster bisque and shove it where the sun don't such an attitude towards the under-privileged, it makes me want to vote for the other side. As kids here in the "Homeland" go hungry, and 20000 kids each year worldwide die from the wealthy war-lords you condone, you can have your  lobster bisque and eat it too, at the expense of those that cry out "Me Hungry". And even though not  a fan of Mr. Assange Leaks , he may not be eating your lunch Mr. Weasel, but puking in your lunch bucket. You are just a poor loser, and maybe this is the trait also of your Hillary. Said again, I am a Democrat, but like many that have reason to believe that honesty is still the best policy left behind by our "Founding Fathers" as a foundation of "Liberty", no way in HELL can I cast a vote for your lover.

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