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Monday, October 10, 2016

The Great Mandala

One thing in common the frontrunners, their theme song: "We can kill now, we can hate now, now we can end the world". As each passing day gets us closer to the day of "DOOM" with either a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump at the helm as the 45th, it is so sad that Bernie Sanders was raped by the DNC.  And not to forget Donald raping the GOP. IMAGINE, having to go to the voting booths to perform our Constitutional duty when at the same time trying to figure out the "Lesser of Two Devils"? "We the People" are being held hostage this 2016 presidential election cycle, it should be postponed or boycotted. Sander's was this nation's only HOPE, yes to carry on the Barack mandate and obligation of getting this nation out of the quagmire started by Dick Cheney. Look, Dick wanted the oil, and we have nothing to show but for "blood on the tracks" and the enemy has the "oil" and funding ISIS with the profits. So during the 2nd Dumpster & Hillary debate that had as much credibility as a recycled dirty diaper, a talking point was Aleppo. Basically, it meant re-instating the "draft" read-my-lies don't look me in the eye, and Hillary Hawk said she would arm the Kurds....Donald said he would arm any rabble-rouser at our borders. Bombs away is all I took away from the debate. Anybody out there know how many Palestinian kids have been killed by the Israeli bombs lobbed over the border in dispute, courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers money? Since 2000 the death toll of innocent kids walking to school or out playing on swings, 2145! So, why in hell do we have front runners that seem to think "Brotherly Love" is but a suggestion, same with honesty and both candidates praise an agenda that wants a bigger military? I get angry when I hear this crap about rebuilding "Our Military". Sure it was "downsized", as maybe it means Barack Obama is trying to extend "PEACE", as part of his extended mandate that won him the Nobel prize, for "PEACE"! We already have a military budget that which challenges the total of the 11-biggest nations on the globe - US wastes $600-Billion, tied with the combined Daddy Warbucks of China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, UK, India, France, Japan...How big do we have to get in the "Killing Fields"? Because the WAR MACHINE is on steroids, we are addicted to WAR as an economic stimulus and instead of bringing it back home wherein protests would change our evil ways and means to make a buck, collateral damage in another man's theater keeps the machine on high, no different than the "Bulge". And with the $billions$ we hand over to Netanyahu year after year after year since 1962 and today totaling in the neighborhood of $100-Billion duty free, Congress most recently passed a law that stipulates all that "WAR MACHINE" money we hand over to war mentality perverts in Jerusalem - $3-Billion - it must be spent through United States Defense Contractors - which means the bombs that will be used to kill kindergarteners, and mothers alike, well it will surface-to-surface with an American flag logo - "Made in America". John Lennon was right, about woman being the nigger of the world and wrong about giving peace a chance, as love over hate hurts the bottom line. We all pay for the sins of others and I am a proud American in my soul, but in mind cannot forfeit the cowardly actions of others, when somebody else in Washington decides how my hard earned income so taxed will target innocent bystanders just trying to enjoy a ride on a playground slide and a peanut butter sandwich lunch. Killing kids? Yes, Bernie was our only hope, as mankind cannot move ahead until such time comes the realization that "WAR" cripples our intellect, cripples our infrastructure, cripples our future and we be stuck again on a merry-go-round of a dysentery dynasty. Especially so under a Trump or Clinton candidacy - just so executives of defense contractors can have a roll in the 1% faction, as evil "WAR LORDS" and with that an administration that is also perverted, as if "WAR" is in vogue instead of rogue. "America where are you now, don't you care...." about a GREAT MANDALA.
"No more RECESS"

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