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Sunday, October 16, 2016


That is what Hillary Clinton's top attorney is calling the 2016 presidential race, a "SLIMEFEST". I guess it is rubbing off, as Mr. Kendall, well he should also be a consideration for incarceration - USP/ADMAX in Florence Colorado. He is the man behind the dame, offering up all these "immunity plea bargains" for those individuals that helped Hillary sidetrack our government policy of "Under Oath Honesty". Look, there exists scores and scores of Hillary's sidearm bandits that if jail time meant a deterrent to such blatant disregard what our Founding Fathers made as policy, the warden would have to furlough Ted Kaczynski just for Federal Penitentiary cell space. Move over rover, let Hillary take over...So yes, the "slime" is enough to go around. I would like to ask Hillary one entertaining question. How much money has Bill and the abused spouse paid to Kendall for legal troubles? I would bet it is in the $multi-millions$ as his attorney client privilege goes way back to the Whitewater days. He has become a rich man for Bill & Hillary's shenanigans. Maybe one day he will write it down for our kids to understand, as to why the Clinton's are still a neck albatross this nation's good standing so demoralized. Yes, the truth will be known some day! In the meantime, just "slime" your way to the top. Look, Donald Trump is not even close qualified as a U.S. President, so why in hell are the polls so close with this rat race - it's the slime, no one is gaining any traction.  And the FBI's latest "slime" take on a quid pro quo "bribe" from one of Hillary's confidants when at the State Department, read between the lines, as it was an attempt for favoritism. See, one of the Hillary e-mails was considered "Top Secret" during a review by the FBI. Safe? Not necessarily, as any FOIA request could question the validity of "Top Secret", so the Clinton goons wanted to make sure there were no FOIA exemptions that could have lowered the classification of this one particular incriminating evidence document, and so it was made safe and away from the "Public", that's us!  Yes, the FBI found no reason to lower the classification or for that matter question the validity of its current standing - safe! Maybe so, but was that done as a payback? There is something really ugly going on with the Clinton e-mail and private server affair. There is a major cover-up going down around us, during an election cycle wherein smiling "Off the Hook" Hillary could be the next Commander-in-Chief. Then all the evidence would be destroyed. If Hillary were a true American, she would just walk away to retirement with Bill - yuck!. But her Machiavellian Manchurian candidate HEXACO/Rectal personality(Honesty-humility factor) performs to create a super-ego in efforts to immunize her against political corruption, well I do believe that what we see in both Hillary and Trump is nothing short a continuation of the Henry Murray mind experiments - the same abuse that morphed a brilliant 16-year old math wizard to down a hoodie and start bombing innocent bystanders - the Unabomber.  So yes, the Trump verses Hillary race is a Unabomber affair. See, there are troubling things that have come to roost with Hillary's "extreme carelessness" approach towards U.S. government classified documents. When she let her knickers down, the hackers made headway, and most likely this nation's greatest Victoria secrets went revealed. See, she had no ill-intent directing such a malfeasance that which allowed Iraq to invade this nation over the Internet. It happened, and the reason we are paying ransom to that nation in the tune of $billions$ for life. Our secrets are being sold to the highest bidder, and we have competition, like maybe with North Korea and of course Russia. So I know the Obama administration means well when it tries to indict Russia for cyber-espionage, as it paints the Vladimir Putin as reckless, when all the time the recklessness blame is upon that lady smiling at the podium, that she got away with...political murder. Look, Obama is in damage control, and trying to do what is best for the nation, which is allowing Hillary her freedom. And we can thank Mr. Kendall, for setting the stage exit to allow Hillary to go free. See, Kendall represented General David Petraeus, when he was caught using "confidential" documents as a condom crutch. He was allowed a plea bargain, based on a violation of 18 U.S.C. 2071 for "unauthorized retention of classified documents", placed on probation for two-years and forfeited $100k of his military retirement. Not a big deal for a big wig. But that law, that policy held a caveat, but only for men of the military as this law, besides jail time possibilities and a fine possibility, it is the only law of the land that "disqualifies" an individual from ever holding an "office" under the Red, White & Blue. As that law is written today "the term office does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States". Since Petraeus was interested in life after indictment as a politician, his sentencing was a no-brainer acceptance - so Kendall did well for his client. But when Hillary came face to face with this precedence set realization, well being a civilian only, it meant she would have been "disqualified" any run for the 45th. And had she been indicted on a similar charge that of Petraeus, well she wouldn't be entertaining Putin at the podium, and we may have witnessed a presidential race that we would want historicalized for future generations. Without Hillary, Trump would be back on the Lolita Express, with Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein and we would have candidates with meaning. But maybe with the "SLIMEFEST", best burn the books! So, it meant no hole's barred, no nothing as even the same simple law that held Petraeus accountable, well it would have ruined Hillary's presidential bid - so our leaders stooped low, to allow her off the hook. Basically speaking, the Clinton's have something on Obama! When government bends so low that it finds recklessness upon the foundation of this nation, like with preferential treatment due power and money, we as a nation have failed our Founding Fathers' obligation behind "Liberty & Justice for All", and maybe we all need a spanking, hold the SLIME!

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