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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Chinese Finger Trap

Ok, some clarification is needed, as Americans seem to be finger trapped, by the Chinese. See, during the Trump and Hillary debates, the "Chinese" steel routine has come to bring some laughs, depending on which side of the fence one finds his or her political calling. Yes, Trump is on the slugfest trailing edge, due the fact some of his high-rise gambling hotels were "Made in China". Which means the imported cheap labor steel affects the steel industry here in the Homeland. No contracts, No jobs. Big deal! See, back in the early 70s, OPEC was planning a strangle hold on the United States - with an oil embargo. What to do? Build an 800-mile pipeline across the rugged wilderness of Alaska - from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, wherein that "stranded" oil could then be shipped to refineries in the lower-48. This plan of attack won the approval of Congress, which held authority over much of the lands in Alaska. Hey, it won the approval of all concerned parties because that pipeline could deliver 1/4 of this nation's energy needs for the next 30-years. This is the kind of bipartisanism bargaining that makes my country 'Tis of Thee. But, in efforts to get this project off the ground, it meant steel pipe from Japan! Yes indeed, stoke up the coke furnaces was the call and Japan's steel industry went to work to pump out steel pipe, all 800-miles of the 48-inch stuff, with cheap labor! It created hundreds of jobs, for many years and nobody ever made a single joke over "Made in Japan". Yes it was serious business back then, today the "Chinese"...well what little we know about the "True" issues and if this nation were in the same kind of energy bind, Chinese steel would be welcome. So welcome to the 45th commencement of the Oval Office Apprentice, and too bad we are not serious about who will be taking over for Obama come January 20th, as by then it will no longer be a laughing matter and the only thing "Made in America" will be more distrust me!

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