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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stingy 2nds?

How stingy is Chelsea with the Clinton family foundation bribe money? Look, from an IT standpoint, all the surfacing e-mails are authentic, just read the source code, as nobody has the karma to fake out so accurately the "series of tubes" language as it follows a mathematical path defined by random transport theory. That stuff Good Will Hunting was good at, as was Ted Kaczynski and Srinivasa Ramanujan. Now if the e-mail stuff didn't have the "source code" attached, then one could say it's fake. Dear Donna Brassiere, please STOP lying on national TV. OK, you are just copycatting your boss. So, what you see is what you get with the leaks, the "TRUTH" and it is pretty ugly entertaining. Really, is not the Clinton Foundation "Family" a nomination for a RICO violation and Donald Trump a candidate for his own reality show, the "10 Craziest Insane Asylums Coast to Coast"? See, the Democratic National Convention is $28-Million in the hole, and counting up a deeper and deeper debt each passing day. Bernie didn't get any loot from the Howard Dean Doofus Foundation, so how much has this Hillary fantasy cost? And No, this debt is not from campaign money spent on Debbie Wasaman's hairdo, she's toast and in hiding. So, will the U.S. Taxpayers pay the outstanding bill if Hillary is elected? Trick question, as we are all "Doofuses". See, the "Energizer Bunny" gets paid upfront by the some poor teenager has decided to sell her virginity, and when she placed that God given right aboard a bid-fest at a bunny ranch in Nevada, where this kind of nonsense is legal, she has interests up to $400k. That's right, "Virginity For Sale" here in the "Homeland"! Now this young girl wants to become a lawyer and has set a 5-year goal to leave behind the raunchy bunny ranch scene, missing her virginity. See, she is doing this for her family, which is very poor and "Nobody's ever taught you how to live out on the street, and now you're gonna have to get used to it. You say you never compromise with the mystery tramp, but now you realize, he's not selling any alibis". But here is my take on it. It is her virginity, and like the Catman said, loose it here or on some college fraternity bathroom floor. Well what upsets me more, it is not the realization sinking-in that in 90-days we will have a Hillary or Trump to contend with, it is the rich perverts that will entertain such a sale! Some Sadie Arabian brat, maybe Bill Clinton himself, maybe Jeffrey Epstein, someone is interested in the "gold plated" chastity belt giveaway, regardless it is sick and perverted! Well we need those camera carrying drones set in motion now. And when that pedophile screams in joy another young girl his victim, we have the target. And I hope that during the Clinton e-mail breach somebody has those "4-minutes" away codes and unleashes Armageddon on this "rich" asshole's asshole. It's all about "MONEY", as the rich believe it is their right to rule us and rape our children, and it is "sin" money that is behind the 2016 presidential fiasco. A majority of Clinton supporters are dishing over $34000, for what in return? This is happening in America, so maybe there is reason that the 2nd Amendment Right provides a "Militia Mentality Mandate", as this rape date upon our liberty needs a fix...It is time for a REVOLUTION! The system is rigged, that was Bernie's original message, stolen away by Trump. Vote in Bernie Sanders as a write-in, else we will be slaves to the almighty 1%s, and virginity will be lost forever. America, 2016, wherein virginity is for sale and politicians get away with rape...

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