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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tainted? Vulnerable?

"She may be so tainted, she is vulnerable" is heard from a Clinton campaign executive manager with respect to Hillary running a message that as president would mandate bribery laws to "ensure that politicians don't change legislation for political donations" - the quid pro quo ticket to the top. And from Hillary's doctor, "It worries me more that she doesn't seem to know what planet we are all living on at the moment"? Look, invasion of privacy is a crime of the high ceiling, yet what we are learning from the WikiLeaks, it speaks for itself. With Donald Trump, we don't need any cyber-spies, as he is outwardly insane in his own words and action - just look at the company he keeps. The Henry Murray mind-game experiment is alive and well before our very own eyes and ears, no discrimination here as it captures both sexes in this 2016 slimefest test case! We are the ultimate audience for that Harvard Yard "Think Tank" torture test, and Hillary and Trump the candidates to be tested. And just think, it was Ted Kaczynski that was subject to the same teasing! What Privacy? OK, remember the opinion from the Supreme Court under "Dubya", the Supreme "Beings" warned us that the U.S. Constitution finds NO guarantee of "Privacy"? Yet all we hear from the Rubio clan is that members of Congress are upset at the way WikiLeaks has so invaded the peace and quiet of thy lair. And why so? Because they are all afraid of what tid-bit may be lurking in that hidden away data-mining bit-stream, and launched at a moment's notice. Ransom payments from the fraternal order of politicians will be at an all time high, very soon. Look, Beltway America was invaded, by cyber-spies and when the election is over, the leaking of the goods may continue and Congress is bracing for that 100-year storm. And the election of 2016 will go down and filed under the Chapter labeled "Embarrassment" and, well it will be "Term Limits" come true. Wow, Congressman Xavier Beccera is telling Hillary to "run like a dog in heat" in the final 2016 debate. And Bill, just like ol'Bill Clinton so refreshed after a vacation down at Jeffrey Epstein's private parts island "Lolita Pussy Palace". He is telling a crowd that the American citizens have had enough "acid" poured down their throats with this e-mail scandal? Bill, it's your "ACID"! And I just watched Hillary get off a plane, she is in sad shape, as we know she wasn't resting like Trump so ridiculed, she is doing her time after a plea bargain with the FBI called under "House Arrest" - Forty-one days and forty-one nights, just a little pittance with the balls and stripes.

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