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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Floptober 28th, 2016

Surprise, surprise, surprise. No it's NOT, as in time what goes around comes around you get what you deserve and I for one feel very sorry for Mrs. Clinton. Not that I would ever cast a vote for her to get anywhere near the Oval Office, but she should just take Obama's advice and concede. See, before the news broke about the FBI finding additional evidence that initiates "Investigation Phase Infinity" of the Helter Skelter Foundation, Obama gave us a clue to what may be going down this time around. It's an "October Surprise", but what for? We must remember it was the FBI in another "flop" that ruined the best U.S. Senator this nation ever found in the Halls of Congress, Theodore Fulton Stevens. It was an "October" surprise that lost the "Hulk" the re-election as a ranking senator from Alaska - the greatest state of the Union - and in the end the rumors faded away as a "flop". Of course it was too late when this "flop" was discovered, as the evidence had been destroyed, during Ted's assassination. No, it was not an accident that the plane he was aboard crashed in the remote wilderness of the 49er, it was planned by Ted's best friends including some close political associates - as Ted was pissed and on the retaliation bandwagon. So the evidence was destroyed. Anyway, Obama made a brief comment just before the news broke that the FBI was still interested in the way Mrs. Clinton conducted official "Confidential Briefings" with her staff when acting in the capacity of Secretary of State - with all the different communication devices she used that were not permitted by "State" sponsorship. Obama briefed the media that Hillary should "listen to her conscious and do the right thing". Which means there is something serious going on, that will end her political career. And I am sure that the Anthony Weiner and Bill Clinton connection will be the vise that perverts Hillary's dream to "dust"! What Obama is telling the nation, should Hillary continue on due a self-centered ego over a patriotic conviction, she will drag this nation down some more, as with like husband so like with wife, indictments while in office can be challenging. So PLEASE Mrs. Clinton, take Obama's advise and resign and let Bernie Sanders continue his quest to "fix" the rigging. And Joe Bidden, wow, is he depressed even more so then Obama upon such news surrounding FBI Chief Comedy briefing Congress on a continued "investigation". See, when push comes to shove there will be a fall guy, and in this case the trickle-down theory will target Hillary. Obama did nothing wrong, just went caught in the snare set by Hillary with her disrespect for the policies that govern how one acts when given such power. Instead of using her position as SOS for what it's worth, she used it as her platform to pave the way to her candidacy, and along the way such dereliction from her sworn duties went infiltrated by...well here we are today only 10-days away from a Trump Armageddon. So Obama will protect himself, for whatever reason with respect to an "ongoing" investigation through "executive privilege", as he may be guilty by association only. Look, Obama and Biden know what's coming down the pike, it ain't good. So in the next few days we will see "True Patriotism" at work and tested, hopefully by "Opening of Business" on Monday we will see and hear Hillary at the podium and resigning as a candidate. And that is the reason Biden is depressed, as the DNC will call on him to take over, and he doesn't want anymore association with the Clintons - as he may be asked to pardon her if he is elected. Hillary and Bill should take their $100-million made after the "Impeachment" and, well enjoy life together, but maybe that faded away a long time ago but maybe it is not too late as I would love to see Bill & Hillary, "So Happy Together, ba-ba-ba!"

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