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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dear Mark Cuban

Dear Mark Cuban;

Please tell AMERICA how much you paid in income evasion taxation?


(49-cent postage for the above letter of understanding sent to $Billionaire$ Mark Cuban paid in full by Patriots of the FART(Founders Against Resistant Taxpayers)movement, mandating an agenda NEY in favor of a Dumpster or Hillary as the 45th Commander-in-Chief)

OK, just a FART in disguise, but I think I will break wind and do a write-in on November 8th. In all seriousness, as I have withdrawal symptoms when I think that I will leave this once great nation, leave to the next generation our cherished children the possibility of a Trump or Hillary chainsaw massacre upon the CONSTITUTION. So I ask my fellow man to follow in my stride, break wind together like breaking bread together when there exists no longer a separation of Church and State  and commence a write-in vote for Mr. Phil Swift - the guy that does the Sunday morning Flex Seal commercials. I mean, here is a guy that built a boat out of glue, nothing else! And that glue, whatever the secret formula, we need it to protect the U.S. Treasury as anybody that thinks the same frame of mind that of the Dumpster and so feels an "extortionist" like attitude towards "Taxation" and pays nothing for everything in return...well Mitt Romney reminded us of the 1% fascist faction, and Mark Cuban is no different, until such time he releases to this nation how much he doesn't pay as a fair share.

Dear Alaska Chinook: "I have absolutely nothing to hide, and if I ever run for president you will have to take my word for it and I hope every candidate for office says the exact same thing, read my words: My taxes are none of your business." - Mark Cuban

Damn, Trump has them all on his side this issue, both Deandems and Confederates. Cuban, the faceless man behind the Trump face but supporting Hillary - scary times ahead!

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