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Saturday, October 22, 2016


I have my absentee ballot in hand and writing in "Doofus". NO, I am not making fun of Bernie Sanders or his fan club, as I was right there with the "Bern". And we were "burned" in effigy by the DNC, bastards. Instead of the Democratic National Convention, how about Dedicated to the Narcissist Clintons? But with the "Doof", I am referring to all able-bodied of age U.S. citizens, that with only 17-days before the 2016 presidential election and only 90-days before Obama leaves office..."We the People" are deserving that label. Urban Dictionary - Doofus: Someone who hasn't got a clue, lives in blissful ignorance of the world and laughs like a baboon being repeatedly punched. OK, it is John Podesta's "pet" name for those that are "clueless". And why does the label stick like a fly on "shit"? Look, the greatest and most deceiving "cover-up" is happening right before us, yet we ignore it - because the government is good at deceiving when push comes to shove it is in our best interest sentiment! When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she had one intention that all powerful position. It was her eyes on the world, in efforts to set the stage for her bid for the "White House", as the 1st female Commander-in-Chief. So instead of performing her duties as she promised "Under Oath", she manipulated the course of events, to set that stage wherein her message would be her ticket back into the White House, this time around letting Bill do the chores as she sits comfortably secluded away behind closed doors, in the Oval Office. She may soon occupy the same office wherein Bill and Monica - enough! On Hillary's SOS watch, as Obama struggled with problems back home, ISIS came to be the powerful maggot it is today - said again in anger under Hillary's watch. It is the SOS that is so empowered as the eyes and ears for the sitting Commander-in-Chief, to act as the radar of what is happening around the globe with respect to foreign policy, especially with a pulse on the tensions in the middle east. When I look at Hillary's actions and/or inactions while in the capacity of "Madam Secretary" from 2009 through 2013, it reminds me of the EXXON Valdez, how it went off course and caused an environmental wreck nightmare. Sure Captain Joe Hazelwood didn't suffer the consequences, was given "Community Service" for being "Extremely Careless". Hillary, no different her shame along with her freedom smile. GOTCHA! And poor John Kerry, now in charge of the clean-up, from Hillary's dereliction! Yes, ISIS became a thorn in our side, during her watch - because that was her plan. Look, if everything was rosy when her campaign started gaining traction, she would be in retirement by now - as why mandate a strong military position when it wasn't needed? So it is my belief that she saw what was happening without ISIS, saw an opportunity and made guarantees to many nations that she would be "Hawkish" when elected, the reason the Hillary campaign is spending $millions$ from foreign donors - courtesy the Clinton Foundation. So instead of informing Obama what was really happening on the international scene, Hillary purposely confiscated the truth, for her own personal goals. She used the SOS stage as her initial platform, to cause havoc and now in the running with a deadbeat, we be damned. This was all planned out, and she is getting away with it and her dream may be coming true, a success of the careful planning. And yes, the entire server ordeal is at the heart of this nation's pain and suffering, as it opened the back door, and that is wherein the "cover-up" consumes our reality. Because we don't get it, because we don't see it, and so we deserve the "Doffus Award". But hopefully, when the electoral posse shows up at the "House" on January 9th, that every damn House member and every damn Senate member, regardless of the vote count, raises an "OBJECTION" either a Clinton or Trump dump. As a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump presidency, either way a "Wreck" in the making and soon this nation will be "Hard Aground".
What a Hillary or Trump Presidency will look like!

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