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Monday, October 31, 2016

Blame Bill?

So, gumor has it that the 10000 "e-mails" on Huma's shared passport laptop were addressed to HRC, but she didn't know about the stuff - neither did Hillary? OK, after thousands and thousands of e-mails leaked away from Hillary and friends along with thousands and thousands more made available through FOIA requests based on FBI investigation transparency, not one e-mail yet with a finger-print from Bill Clinton? So, is it possible that Huma gave Anthony her log-on credentials linked to Hillary's private server and that Hillary gave Bill her access credentials, so the spouses could keep track of what the gals were up too? I mean they were always together. Wow, that's dedication! But when Bill was sitting on the Chappaqua Crapper - where the home brew server found a resting place - and Anthony was laying in bed taking selfies of his weiner, maybe Bill and Anthony went board so started communicating - maybe sending pictures of private parts? So what it's private and in the security of one's own home! Now when the "BleachBITCH" tried to erase all traces of...well if Bill had access to Hillary's e-mails and Weiner had access to Huma's stuff wherein "Classified Information" found a free-for-all, then this may be considered "Spying". When I saw Bill at the show-and-tells when Hillary was being elected as the DNC person of choice, Bill looked really sad, like the shit was going to hit the fan. You could tell that something was bugging him, and maybe the FBI traced the finger-print to his espionage and Hillary's run for the Oval Office...If the FBI finds that Hillary and Huma allowed "unauthorized" individuals to infiltrate secure government broadcasts, the "extreme carelessness" takes on recklessness and that is an entirely different scenario. Which means Obama may be placed in a precarious situation, with a pardon for Bill and a pardon for Weiner, and NO righteous man would ever consider such for such a pathetic couple.

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