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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Write-in Stephen Hawking

Honest Mistake? Meg Whitman and Mark Cuban as Hillary Clinton's side-line cheerleaders in the final 2016 "Nowhere Man" presidential debate? I am glad there is a Dodger's game on and a six-pack in the cooler! OK, "All Americans" need to take a step back, as there is no future with either a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as the next Commander-in-Chief. Neither one has the qualifications - truth in leading statement - to take over for Obama, not even a close call. We must exercise extreme caution this merry-go-round go-around or else we will be labeled "extremely careless", and we have not an excuse that would forfeit such carelessness meaningless. The entire world is laughing with us and at us,  listen-in as it is loud and clear no doubt about it! Just because we have the "Right to Vote", it also means we must make sure there is something to vote for! We cannot just sacrifice away that "right", as a fantasy obligation. I am contemplating writing in Stephen Hawking, because he doesn't believe in God so we have the first virtue a Constitutional leader, that separation between church and state. OK, he's a bloke, so what - as maybe we should give it all back to the Queen. No NOT Hillary, as all our Founding Fathers' fort for is about to be evaporated away - without honesty, we have no TRUST. Just yesterday Hillary "crapped" on "We the People" again, and this time around she admitted so without a little white-lady lie. See, her campaign bus runneth over with "crap", so the bus driver was harassed by Chelsea and commanded to pull over in sleepy-hollow Lawrenceville, Georgia - which is Donald Trump territory - and open the toilet drain in a middle-class American neighborhood - in an out-of-sight out-of-mind dereliction upon conviction. Correction, this city is also rated at a 25% poverty level, so appears Hillary is already coming through with aid. See, usually we hear "Don't recall" when stinking toilet paper is found littering our highways after Hillary leaves town - so this is refreshing that maybe she is beginning to tell the "TRUTH. Hillary finally admitted she "shat" on US! Now according to John Pedestal in unison with Donna Brazile through chair spokeswoman Marcia Fudge: "Hillary was not aware of such dumping of human feces as a violation and if so it was an honest mistake". Unfortunately Hillary's cesspool has already infiltrated the local school's water supply and the water that Starbuck's uses for brewing! Donald Trump, just look up the definition of a "floater"! Look, Meg Whitman sent many dedicated Hewlett-Packard workers to the unemployment line so she could reap in enough of a salary that today she is a $billionaire$. Yes, a contributing friend of the Clinton Foundation, a republican that has turned on Trump. And with Mark Cuban, he also refuses to let us see his income tax bill. Why so? Because like Trump, he most likely does not pay much attention to no such thing. It is political chaos today my friends,  and if either Trump or Hillary shows up on January 20th to turn the Oval office into a cesspool like dumping compound, well I am hoping that Chief Justice John Roberts heels his wits like a dog and reneges by being a no-show - as his ultimate duty is to protect this nation when "We the People" fail. Else, "We the People" will be shat upon again, this time around we will be thrown into the overflowing cesspool, without a life preserver and when you look up, just a bunch of cracks taking aim upon our stupidity.

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