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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Booze Man

So, the National Secrecy Agency finally caught the crock. Can't say crook, as that would be unfair to Hillary. I wonder if the "crock" will get turned over to the DOJ's office of leniency? See, a guy that worked for Booz Allen Hamilton was taking home "Top Secrets", it started way back in 1996. When arrested by the FBI - the same agency that found Hillary "extremely careless" for bringing home "TOP Classified" stuff so Bill could stay entertained while sitting on the crapper and toking a Cuban - the guy turned over 50-terabytes of "Highly Classified Top Secret" documents, or 550-million pages not intentionally "Left Blank"! That's a whole lot of e-mails, maps, water-boarding directives, images and most likely the recipes to this nation's most cherished cyber-espionage malware - a.k.a. Stuxnet, an internet weapon. So many documents were taken away from the secrecy of the Mother Lode, it filled his house, garage and several broken down vehicles acted as an overflow depository - or free for the taking invites for spies from - must be Russia as it was discovered that Mr. Podesta also understood дерьмо. Basically speaking, this guy was performing a back-up of the NSA computers everyday for the last 20-years and getting through security on his way home with a loaded lunch-box, and his lawyer mentions "mental issues"? Cop out it is. See, a company like BAH cannot survive without "WAR". If we kept everything secret and that secrecy allowed the U.S. military to plan accordingly, it would allow us to terminate the enemy - or at least calm things down to hail peace on the horizon. But when "WAR" activity diminishes, so does the "WAR MACHINE" profit margins. Case in point is with the NAVY, as its fleet is getting old. But military commanders that understand the battlefield, they don't want to refurbish the surface fleet, saying warfare on the high seas is an outdated fantasy, as drones and submarines with nuclear warheads only 4-minutes away - thanks Hillary - serve our defensive posture better today than "troops in swamp boots". But the Defense Contractor Lobby is today wining and dining the politicians, to sign over $40-Billion for Chinese steel, to build stuff we don't need - as the profits from building U.S.S. vessels with cheap steel finds humongous profits. WAR, and the executive salaries based on "Defense Contracts" have made more $millionaires$ than any other business venture forever of record - something "We the Taxpayers" fund. Hey, with a $600-Billion budget guaranteed year after year, frenzy spending spoon feeding at its best! So many defense contractors don't give a rat's ass of what kind of "Secret" stuff is stolen away by disgruntled employees, in hopes that it will breach things so this nation is vulnerable, which means more contracts to fix things. So maybe the NSA caught one "crock", but there are thousands out there that work the same way, leaks made allowable for a reason, as when we find such damaging holes in the dyke, today we have the golden finger to plug the hemorrhaging - courtesy Uncle Sam and the U.S. Treasury. Look, Hillary violated the "common code" as did General Petraeus, as did General "Hoss" Cartwright as did the Boozer. But when we are addicted to "WAR", the Hillary goons can get away with being "extremely careless", as it sets precedence that it is alright to throw away this nation's trade secrets, it's all business and helps the bottom-line!

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