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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Court Martial

To that NAVY SEAL Humvee driver that saw fit to fly a "TRUMP" flag, in total disgrace the Military Code of Conduct, you deserve the "Brig". And you are a disgrace, as ZDonald Tyrump is but an Abandoner-in-Thief. To take up arms for this "Maggot", you got to be insane. You just lost a brother and we lost a son in that Yemen raid, which was so unprepared a "mission", but the troops did what they are sworn to do. And when it went south, ZDonald Tyrump blamed Barack Obama! Yes, just a slime bag Abandoner-in-Thief showing signs of distemper. And if ZDonald told you to get down on your knees and suck his dick...yes you would!

Military Code of Conduct - Shat Upon!
(American Flag replaced by Trump Flag)
No different than "FLAG BURNING"

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