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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Synecdoche Cynicdouche

I do believe that if Noah Webster were alive today and building that "Merriam-Webster Dictionary" data base, the "Example" found under the definition of "Adolescence" would suffice to exalt the "United States House of Representatives" of the 115th Congress. OK, Paul Ryan the "Speaker" vomit vouches for that body so his words of whining wisdom reflects upon this "Adolescence" like attitude. As in this case the whole is represented by the parts "totum pro parte" - a bunch of sour looser sore losing cry babies. See, some 8-years since a diaper change, so now that body wants a rapid rash recovery plan. Imagine how your boss would feel if you did nothing each and every day - would? And yes, discounted this fubar are the Pelosi-Schumer democrats as today considered "outliers" in the minority, so no credit due 96 tears! Correction, democrats speak the "VOICE" of the "Majority" peace of mind American Democracy. Yet this premature behavior in the "House" has always been lackadaisical, just the intensity today is destructive against our "Democracy". Especially so troubling, when the Bannon Trojan Horse - a.k.a. ZDonald Tyrump & Conway prophylactic with a breach - arrived like a locust storm at 1600 Pennsylvania, should have been halted and fumigated at 1400 where Sarah Palin hangs out. Yes, the Alaskan ex-governess made it over yonder but went stuck, falling short of the White House. Now this Congressional “Adolescence” is in the pandemic stage and Sarah may have been right-on her prediction, “I can see Russia hacking from here…” Look, if the Oval Office has been compromised so has the "Halls of Congress". And way back when our Founding Fathers understood that the "House" may come a tumbling down, due undue influence from outside interference taking advantage upon that "Adolescence" - to the detriment of our inalienable rights. Yes, like manipulation our freedom monopoly by Vladismear Mutton. Now with that “adolescence” aspect part of the equation, the reason members of the Senate shall attain an age of 30 as a qualifier, as opposed to the 25-year old diaper rash law breakers...get the point. Yet it doesn't appear the age experience is showing signs of maturity, with the Senate of age - so it is like a see-saw in the balancing act. In fact, with the 115th Senate, it may be a senior movement senile moment with a Mitch McConnell “erectile dysfunction” interlacing with a ZDonald Tyrump “enlarged prostate” that is part of the problem today. Remember when “Term Limits” was an attractive selling point? Anyhow, NOT if it goes south it is, "We the People Denied" loose the footing required for a strong foundation this "Republic" under God! But all the finger pointing targeting the White House and a "Deep State" leakathon, maybe the ZDonald Tyrump "cesspool" runneth over! Did the swamp have “quicksand”? As his agenda is stuck! OK, some believe it is "Patriotism" that is arming insiders with guts to spill the beans on the intruders - by this leak drip that is spoiling things for the Beach Haven Tower Maggot "golf first and diplomacy when I get to it tomorrow". And those pathetic cry babies in the "House Run Amuck" that want the leakers castrated? That means WAR! Since when has “Patriotism” found such a negative review, we should be honoring these men and women of Pride, Glory & Guts against this sickness in the White House. I wish to be there helping out with that Madonna “Fuck You Suck A Dick Donald Trump” attitude made 65-million strong such a commitment. Of course I would help this coup – I am an American and sworn to such and really have no other choice! Look, it is the CIA “Casper Ghost” that is leaking this stuff! WHY? Because our Founding Fathers realized that there could come a day wherein the "election" results would be questionable - wherein a "Hoodwanked" citizenry voted for an individual "un-becoming" a Commander-in-Chief. When push comes to shove, when the "Oval Office" is under attack by an illegitimate faction as we have before US this day, then "our" secret government has no bounds, no restrictions but to act accordingly. Of course this is what's going on, for heaven's sake get with the program and admire what our Founders understood and communicated for our future prosperity. And the signs have been broadcast, throughout this “Casper” conspiracy, but we are too damn focused on explosive diarrhea rant-on rage instead of reality – a.k.a. Twitter Dumb & Twitter Dumber ZDonald John Tyrump. Refocus: On the day before the Beach Haven Tower Maggot’s inauguration, at the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" the Master of Ceremony "Honor Guard" was not wearing the proverbial white gloves when the Tyrump and Pence placed the wreath. That was the sign that the coup d’état had begun. Then following the swearing in “laugh in” the very next day, when ZDonald gave his speech the military brigades that protect his back were for a spell “missing men in formation”, that delay and early retreat from such responsibilities issued the 2nd warning sign from the military that things were progressing to fail this presidency - purposely. This “Shake Down & Take Down” is NOT an instantaneous overnight event, as there exists recess margins of retreat, either get with the program to defend Democracy else be prepared to meet the shaker! ZDonald Tyrump was the president of record, his legitimacy remains questionable and his relationship with the Vladismear, that takes all allegiances off the table. There are built in safeguards, the reason we are what we are and this attack to fail the results of the “electoral college” is today full steam ahead. It is AMERICAN PATRIOTISM at its best! And there exists other signs that project “Casper Ghost” is upon US to secretly un-seat the ZDonald Tyrump “Madman” thank God. John McCain for one! And who gives this approval? Sorry, strictly “Top Secret” as that is held in confidence on a need to know basis. Look, if George H.W. Bush can attend the Super Bowl - hey he opted to get some bed rest during the inauguration so he didn't have to attend - that was planned in advance - as part of the “missing man” formation for a reason we can only speculate. And the significance of that posture is the fact that our "secret government" has ties going way back, to the “secret mission statement” of the Skull & Bones - a secret society with a Patriotic vision. The “Bonesman” was started by notable Americans like Prescott Bush, at Yale and was more than just a college campus lush club. John Kerry was also a NO show at the January 20th event, and his ties to the “Tomb” also well known. Hey, does Calvin Coolidge ring a bell of silence? Yet another sign the coup d’état is in full swing, when ZDonald Tyrump commanded that military raid in Bayda provenance of Yemen based on his campaign promise to; "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families." That raid went bad when the NAVY SEAL Team 6 realized it was intended to kill an American girl! NO honorable troop would ever, ever take out another American! That may have been the icing on the cake, that we had before us a "Madman" that held no qualms killing another "American". That goes against the grain of everything American and cannot and will not be tolerated! So even though there is wiggle room to start performing like a U.S. President or if not a “retreat” clause, ZDonald Tyrump refuses to acknowledge what he is up against. The reason he is attacking our “National Security”. And today, we have evidence that the "Intelligence Community" is purposely withholding crucial “chatter” from the White House at the same time plotting the continuation of such a coup - with this "fake news". See, we can’t allow the bastard to see the battle plans against the “Illegitimacy”. Else he could stop it by arresting the perpetrators – so we as a nation are on thin ice right now as he wants to get even with those adamant to dissolve his power. There's a coup d’état in progress, a "Mutiny" and ZDonald knows about it but seems not able to stop it. Because he thought…well it is not a dictatorship! And an Army General warned that our government continues to be in unbelievable turmoil, that we're a nation at war. Yes, the blame game is upon Russia, yet that is just a diversion tactic away from what is really happening. ZDonald started “sleeping with the enemy” early on his campaign and that set in motion a ways and means for the Russian Federation to mess with our credibility, but the inherent checks and balance are forefront our vulnerability as voters. Many may not like this Big Brother “Casper Ghost” interference against the interference, but when it is all said and done…it is who we are! And for those members of the GOP that are trying to save the Tower Maggot because this coup looks bad their rank and file, best watch your back as when “Casper” is awake and on the prowl, there is NO bunker, No codes, NO Secret Nothing that can stop the momentum as this "action plan" is designed to STOP the madness of a MADMAN! With that, after some 41-days and 41-nights of restless sleep, wow I am proud to be an American and soon we will be seeing ZDonald Tyrump escorted away from the “White House”. His best plan of attention with attraction, go peacefully! As with my predictions he will resign, on March that is when the "Synecdoche" is in phase for the CynicDOUCHE! 

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