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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Casper the Ghost Conspiracy

What is this "Monster" all about? Of course ZDonald Tyrump is a "Monster", as a poll with two-year old kids still in diapers made it clear and convincing he scares US. Yes, when innocent kids are shown his mug-shot, 100% say he's a bad guy! Look, he never smiles? Maybe not enough sex! Maybe not enough sleep due an enlarged prostate! He has major issues! Get over it, he's an experiment gone wrong no different than Ted Kaczynski's character. And anybody that gives a damn about this nation need to consider reading the book already in print that analyzes what "We the People" are up against. 

It is a Stephen Bannon as the Dr. Jekyll executive director, casting ZDonald as Mr. Hyde in the live remake of the "Chaos Experiment". The sad fact, we are all in the "steam-bath" together. But, this is wherein we shall not fear, as the "Casper the Ghost" ain't fake news as the "secret government" is already working to arrest this monster and we must be patient. My prediction, ZDonald Tyrump will retreat from office before April 29th.

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