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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Barack - Our Commander STILL

Dear Newt Gingrich, you are so wrong as it ain't the left that should be scared, please look in the mirror and you will see the fearful. The "Majority" always rules, in a Democracy. But hypocrite cowards thinking they are Constitutional scholars and political turmoil know-it-alls, they like to hide the truth of this matter. The FOX is an expert on impersonating the "Truth", but the giveaway is the stench of verbal vomit that the disciples use while broadcasting to its lemming followers. Like a drug addiction, so is this "vomit". As the pundits from both sides of the isle defend their positions on what is going on these days with the shadow government orchestrated by Breitbart's Bannon, all I can say is "We the People Majority Denied" are winning! One peek at the "Shadow" masters indicates it is a sick federation, due a failed first attempt towards a dystopian climax - like a premature orgasm. Bannon blew his load, and today looks like a Darth Vader death runneth-over. The Tyrump, like he hasn't had a good grop for days! Did you catch the egg man's Theresa May on her visit to the Awful Office, she was clutching the "Tower Maggot's" hands so the pervert couldn't get a sneak preview. He said the hand-holding romance was a balancing act? Wait just a minute now, Dr. Bornstein said the 45th was in perfect condition! This nation has never witnessed a president so pitiful an image of health - even Roosevelt moved around with better mobility, in a wheel chair! Now this "shock and awe" that Bannon unveiled towards chaos was designed to disrupt the "Tranquility of the Commonwealth". And that is a grave sin against the "Constitution", the reason it is a crisis. Rolled out like a Trojan Horse in efforts to marshal in Martial Law so authorities could corral our rights - it failed miserably. Yes, ZDonald Tyrump & Mike Pence were hoping for unruly civil unrest in the streets from sea to shining sea so they could become a flashing badge Laurel & Hardy posse! Calling their bluff charge worked, as we assembled peacefully, with the Women's March and the protests that have come to life since. Bannon needed "Martial Law", so the son-of-a-bitch finally failed and all his Ivy League mesmerizing just a waste of time and money. His plan, that has been in the works for many years - failed on arrival. See, "We the People Denied" can assemble in the masses at a moment's notice from sea to shining sea - and that weapon is defying. We are today "militarized as combatants" in the millions-strong and await our marching orders - this movement should be feared by the White Horse of surrender. They are scared, so brace for something to castrate our inalienable right to "Assemble" - like a curfew. And when we assailed that right to "peaceful assembly" so quickly after the Oval Office was hijacked by a jerk-off, hey this is what defines "Patriotism" and it warranted our allies in Democracy around the world to join hands in "peaceful protest". So get over it Newt, the world stands by this nation's "Majority's" side this chaos - this miserable tyrant dictator that - well he is the "minority's" choice and a failed "Electoral College" found a loophole, a serious flaw. I am not fearing the ZDonald Tyrump a single bit - as his history proves failure at everything he does. His "Tower Power" is but a facade and I am in agreement with Whoopi, his legacy is no different than that of the Taliban. A dozen days ago gone bye, after my good friend Barack Obama along with Michelle walked away from the "Tower Maggot" and his pathetic "Contract Wife" at the "Inauguration" - I shed a tear, stood up and saluted the "Greatest President" of our times. Did you catch that kiss he gave Michelle, it defined "LOVE" and it enforced the point that she was a "stand by your man" lady the last 8-years while he fought a "One-Man" battle - against a Do Nothing Congress that stood its ground on republican based bigotry. Get over it, Mitch McConnell and the other southern boys don't like them thar "black bombs from the Chicago sewers". They are just a bunch of sore loser Confederate scumbags and give not a rat's ass about being statesmen in protection of the "Commonwealth". And since that day, we have been watching as a "Constitutional Crisis" looms on the horizon. To upset that "Tranquility" it goes against the grain of the Founding Fathers. We have an insane madman in the "Oval Office", a Damien Thorn. So, I am glad to hear whispers getting louder that Barack Obama is about to "get forceful" with ZDonald - to challenge his every move. Mr. Obama will become our Commander once again and his words will trigger our coup to "Topple" this regime, this dysentery dynasty that makes Hitler look like a pimple on Chris Christie's ass. Robert Di Nero wants the first punch at ZDonald, so be it. I hereby claim first punching bag rights for Sean Spicer - as I am from Rhode Island and he does not represent my kind of "Patriotism", the Sullivan Ballou type 13-original colony like worrier. So listen up ZDonald & Pence "Turncoats" along with the tyrants of Congress, we have mobilized and our shadow will "Trump" your dystopian dreams, as your distemper movements are no longer welcome. And we have a Patriotic "Commander-in-Chief" headed our way to challenge and fight back on the "Abandoner-in-Thief" to protect our "Liberty". And if our inalienable right to assemble is trampled upon, we will be forced to demonstrate a "Well Regulated Militia" movement, and our brothers & sisters around the world will contribute to that cause. 

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