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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Donald Trump KILLED Flower

Breitbarf Update 2/9/2017: Yemen tribesmen from the Al Bayda region have denied permission for any future U.S. military "Anti-Terror Ground Mission" assassination attempts on underage girls. The sandlot peasants do not want Yemen's countryside to become a "Killing Field" for ZDonald John Tyrump, especially for retaliatory raids on American Citizens living abroad. According to the "Awful Office" Troll in-charge of indecent media exposure Sean Splicer, there is a cost savings and less bureaucratic red tape to kill our own in someone else's backyard - but the Tyrump blew his load on that 1st "Mission Awful" so his remaining political suicide "Capital" is but a floater on a cesspool overflow - in common terms of engagement it stinks! RECON RECAP: It all started on the evening of January 23rd, over left-over "Inauguration Day" caviar courtesy the Russian Federation KGB and fine wine from Amway. ZDonald John Tyrump, while role playing in the capacity of the Abandoner-in-Thief, he gave the "Yellow Matter Custard" stamp of approval to assassinate NaWar "Flower Child" al-Alaki. She was the daughter of a well known "deadbeat" terrorist that was droned down by an Obama ordered attack back in 2011. See, Flower Child was 8-years old, an American citizen living in Yemen and this kind of far-and-away arrangement doesn't work all that well with Betsy Devorse's "No Child Sodomized from Behind" without a voucher standard. This was a "Litmus Test" for what's in store for education, if you won't join us of your own free will we will  cattle prod brand your ass and beat your liberal appetite after anal rape satisfies the Henry Murray "needs" assessment of a lunatic "Tower Maggot". So, on January 29th, with ZDonald dealing with an "enlarged prostate" and the "Dripping From A Dead Dog's Eye" approval from Bannon and Jared Subway Mentality, NAVY SEAL Team 6 went astray its "duty to defend and protect" and was caught in a "crossfire hurricane". This occurred as an ambush broke out wide open in a gated neighborhood in Bayda, where woman and children thought they were somewhat safe from predatory monsters - like the kind that show up on Vince McMahon's WWE. See, somehow the "Counter Intelligence" went stupid as it was given the wrong coordinates for this attack, by the freak'n Kremlin. That's the reason that after this "BleachBitch Botch" - a.k.a. Kellyanne Conway menstrual period - the U.S. Treasury Department lifted the Russian FSB sanctions, as going forward Mike Flynn insisted on a money-back-guarantee if we blow to smithereens some marines or anal rape the wrong faction due a "Hoodwank" from Vladimir Putin. If the Putin is supposed to call the shots, we need better information so Flynn placed the world on notice - a rummage sale coming! See, with a ZDonald John Tyrump "Illegitimacy" it's all about money to be made! Anyway, when the Bayda women with children realized their kids were in harm's way, because they take free online "How To Defend Yourself" lessons from LaPierre's NRA site, they did what all good American "Tea-Party" moms would do - the right to bear arms. During this "hangtown" shootout, NaWar was running for her life, as it was in the early morning and all of a sudden it was pure chaos - at oatmeal time when getting ready for school - part of that "We will leave your kids behind" Devorse's mandate! Hearing the little girl screaming for help, a Navy Seal familiar "in theater" recognized this "American" cry for liberty, and did what honorable men in uniform must do. Even if it meant disrespecting dictator Tyrump's command of "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead, burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL." Even if it meant dishonoring that demand of the Abandoner-in-Thief, as this presidential "raid" order was designed to fail so a call for incoming aerial assaults would demonstrate efforts to perform a My Lai massacre like blood bath. Yes, a "Patriotic" American went to protect another American under attack, a NAVY SEAL arms open to protect an 8-year old girl - both perished when the incoming Tomahawk's unleashed the "Hell Fire", along with 6 moms and 8 other kids burned and blown to Mattis' pieces. But this was ZDonald's campaign promise; "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families."  And the reason ZDonald went pissed the day after this abortion of a plan, that he had to take time out and go over to Dover AFB to retrieve a "kid coming home in a box" at the same time refusing the remains of NaWar! Hey that timeout takes away from "Shitter" shots, comforting talks with "From Russia with Perversion", Norstroms bashing, and a favorite pass-time unbecoming a president - groping! Now the "Tower Maggot" Tyrump was so desperate for a "win" in this 100-day shagging-moon period, that his cross-dressing press splice was quick to take credit for this botched reconnaissance mission that was designed as an assassination of Americans, taking to the podium claiming an almighty "success" story, stating words to the effect that Barack was a "afraid" to OK this type of bold action? Killing innocent 8-year old girls, American girls, that takes a whole lot of "boldness"! Remember, he said so and just placating his campaign promises - like napalm it burns with remembrance. Then when word leaked out of what really happened that morning, see the Kremlin has spies in the "Awful Office", well now the blame was all back on Barack's back - part of the anal rape we should all get used to. When a success story, steal away credit. When a mess up, blame the flea on the turd. Look, the 44th, he left the White House 10-days ago in good standing, so how in hell does he get blamed...because we have today cowards amongst US in the White House! ZDonald, you shat in your own soup bowl which you share with your pig-hort whores in shame. But there was some semblance of success this assassination, as the military brass was forced to show some appreciation towards the murderer - by posting a 10-year old clip of a similar raid. This is how the military gets even when a draft dodging Abandoner-in-Thief dishonors the America spirit, as it is starting to fall apart at the seams fast and furious - we as a nation have never before targeted other Americans that cannot fend for themselves - 8-year old girls in ponytails and wearing bows! And then when news hit that ZDonald Tyrump assassinated NaWar as a get even eye-for-eye must satisfy my perverted subjects and piss off the "Majority" some more, the "Splicer" tune changed to the idiocy that it was a raid to capture "Intelligence Information", that which would in time protect America:

This "Botched Mission Accomplished Assassination" - it proves draft dodgers that use "heel spurs" as an excuse to be cowards have no idea what it means to pee freely without an "enlarged prostate". Look, it was an illegitimate cheap shot place the troops in harm's way get out of my way I'm ZDonald Tyrump road rage kills innocent Americans - what legitimacy? WAR CRIMINAL, it's beyond that!

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