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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kellyanne Conway

Dear Kellyanne, we do "HATE"you, get over it...

And the reason, the "WALL" that your Boss is placing around DEMOCRACY! About that picture above? What you will look like during incarceration, as the ship of fools will not be tolerated. Get over it, ZDonld Tyrump started it, "We the People Denied Majority" have a duty to fix it. And how good is your pea brain memory?

Conway: Trump "Says He's For The Little Guy But He's Actually Built A Lot Of His Businesses On The Backs Of The Little Guy." 

Conway: Trump Victims Include “Victims Of Trump University, Victims Of Trump In Atlantic City.” 

Conway: “I Would Like To See” Trump’s Tax Returns “Be Transparent.”

Conway Condemned Trump For “Hurl[ing] Personal Insults” And Using “Vulgar” Language That Was “Unfortunate For Children.”

Conway: Trump “Can Whine And Complain” By Saying “The System Is Rigged,” But “There’s No Place In Politics For Accusing Folks Of Using Gestapo Tactics.”

Conway Accused The Trump Campaign Of Becoming Too “Cozy With The Establishment”: “Goodness, You’ve Hired Paul Manafort.”

Conway: Trump's “False” Accusations About The Cruz Campaign Show “The Danger Of Just Saying Things That Aren't True." 


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