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Friday, February 3, 2017

Ivanka's Diversion Tactic

What are we fighting for? About the only thing of use with a ZDonald Tyrump President-elect-reject, we will get to see how the rich operate. It will no longer remain a secret, it will be out in the open like we always thought it existed, but could not prove such malfeasance against humanity due physical evidence lacking. So maybe a guilty...doubt it as I am sure there will come legislation that frustrates reality and protects them forever - else they would not have taken this opportunity to invade the "Tranquility of the Commonwealth". What I mean by that is the fact we know how that wealth was used for such things as a dodge away from the Vietnam draft, we have lived with this and now it will be used to rub salt in that wound. Hey, protests continue still over the "legitimacy" of this madman, and "curfew" legislation is ready to be signed into law as he hates this image! He will attack our right to peaceful assembly. How so, threaten states by cutting off funding! Look, ZDonald Tyrump is for a "Beach Haven" society, and if you don't know what that means - you most likely watch FOX and voted for this "Tyrant". HE IS NOT MY PRESIDENT! Neither is he THOU COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF 65million "Majority" voters so strong today. Give me liberty or give me death, it may be the latter but not without a fight. But what is soon to be uncovered with the "Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Oligarchy - RICO for the 1% - that which the wealthy use to rule US, it will never "TRUMP" Democracy! This insurrection in the White House, it will entertain US for a while then be evicted, and that lessons learned? We will regret ever wanting to make it rich and remain at happy as a hard working salt-of-this-earth proletariot class citizen - but it will be an ugly side attraction until such eviction! In fact, ZDonald Tyrump and family are heading to Mar a Logo this next week - say prays they stay there! And as part of that "Lessons Learned", this "rich bastard" behavior revealed will out of due respect indicate what happens when taxation is lame upon the wealthy. Take it away from them, the way it worked before the politicians changed the laws so they could get voted in time and time again that job for life. Like Woody Guthrie figured it out, a politician works the Mobius Strip triangle for that VOTE. Which equates to 1/3 for US, 1/3 for that special interest and 1/3 for themselves. It was at one time long ago a genuine VOTE that meant something. So we have a handicap these days, live with it. See it takes money from the wealthy to stay that erection - political erectile dysfunction is for real, stroke it hard-up again with loot! Remember once upon a time NOT too long ago everybody was working towards legislation that mandated "Term Limits"? Look, our Founding Fathers did not intend for career politicians - it stalemate corrupts that "legitimacy" as a routine flushing is of necessity, that new-blood prescription. I mean, look at what blood transfusions have done for Keith Richards? And no, ZDonald Tyrump is NOT draining the swamp. OK maybe, but the overflow is filling his own cesspool. I don't get it, as there are "Trust Fund" babies that will never have to work a day in their lives. They will live in gated communities and be schooled in private institutions because we have come of age that many Richie Rich "White Folks" still cannot stand a man's skin color different. Then the "gold cuddled masses" will be sent to institutes of higher earnings and be accepted without ever applying, as that offer of acceptance comes by virtue "Daddy Big Wallet" signing a big fat check because he can call himself a philanthropist - as that image is so abused these days through lack of human decency. What's in a name? Like with that Mnunchin asshole that is now in charge of the Treasury, rape your grandmother for a profit and then consider yourself a "philanthropist"! Sorry, went off message. What the freak'n la dee da is an "Ivanka"? When I network ask-a-toid for a Russian Federation "transfusion" this name, it comes up with "hair ball"? See, on the very same day that Ivanka accompanied her father ZDonald to Dover AFB to salute the return of a kid in a box draped with an American flag - wherein the 45th is already a "War Criminal" after only a week in office - we find a unique diversion tactic. Designed in efforts to take the heat off of this dead soldier because of a messed up and botched up Yemen military raid - wherein Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer tried to blame Obama - we see this "Tweet" about the "Hair Ball's" daughter singing to Xi Jinpingpong in wontonese. Yes, the wealthy will use their children as "fodder". This was a diversionary measure, for more important things that were conveniently silenced away about what went down during this raid. See, ZDonald Tyrump gave the final order that Yemen attack, wherein we lost a son, we lost a brother and a sister. But when you have "zero" military experience and the only battles ever fought were on a WWE stage with Vince McMahon, this is what you get - blood baths! ZDonald Tyrump's first recorded deaths are two American citizens - not an enemy! No wonder he can't sleep at night past 3am. And this botched premature plan was hatched during a ZDonald Tyrump dinner date with Ivanka's husband? I guess in the White House the ladies are not invited - as where in hell is Melanomia? Yet, this Jared Kushner has "zero" credibility in the theater of war. In fact, as far as "credibility" that would be far-fetched even using a Charles Manson imagination, as Jared is the poster child for that RICO, a free-ride joy riding rich kid with Ivy League invites he couldn't refuse, as daddy was a very wealthy felon! Yes, daddy Charles charged with illegal political contributions, tax evasion and fraud. I wonder if Charles cast a vote for the "Tyrump"? Worth investigating, isn't it? See, Chris Christie struck a flea-bargain plea-bargain for the crimes committed in New Jersey. I would bet that a complete pardon is already prepared for Charley, so he can vote again. Back to the food, it's getting cold! And Breitbarf's Bannon was also under the dinner table that night? Maybe ZDonald had his mind on other important things hanging when feeding his fat face and thinking he can play the part of a Commander-in-Chief. How about a Colonel Kurtz Apocalypse Now Abandoner-in-Thief? And the sad thing, I was told that Ivanka speaks up, yet she remained so quiet the death of an 8-year old American citizen girl that was caught in the crossfire during the raid condoned by daddy dearest. Along with a NAVY SEAL Team 6 commando, Ryan Owens, who went to shelter this little girl when the bombers were called in - part of the retreat plan that ZDonald and friends dreamed up while feasting on Russian Federation caviar - I would guess an "Order of Friendship" welcome aboard gift from Vladimir. This guy Owens, he was well respected and knew that theater very well, so knew all too well that sound of "Incoming and took evasive action - to protect another American. That was so "Patriotic" and the reason that ZDonald Tyrump is so depressed. He made the order, to call in the war-birds. And I am so sorry, as the rules of combat and engagement falls short its intended obligation. Yes Ivanka, your husband has blood on his hands the death of two-Americans. Maybe he cares, but I doubt the same with your father and as far as Bannon - he gives not a rat's ass about anything accept "HATE". And remember, your father did make a campaign promise that he would take out families if...there are NO ifs, ands or buts about it accept he has now a "Mission Accomplished" and is labeled a "War Criminal". And that is the problem with this maggot breath in the Oval Office. Take credit when credit isn't due and point blame when it can silence the critics. Just like today with the January employment rate, which was NOT on the Tyrump's watch. As even with the news hot off the press and still fresh ink - ZDonald  grabbed all the attention that it was his doings. Wait till the shit hits the fan. Yet with this Yemen raid, first the Tyrump said it was a success then when the truth in the matter started filtering in, Sean Spicer threw the blame at Obama? The credibility of this administration? It makes Dubya a Nobel! So, when ZDonald Tyrump called in the war-birds to destroy with a shock and awe, Americans were placed in harms sway. One an American Hero, as it didn't matter to this genuine American that a little girl was being held captive, at 8-years old it was maybe against her wishes as her father was a radical caliphate - regardless she was still an American. The rules of engagement do not segregate, or at least that was the case for the last 240-years upholding our military operations. And the "Tower Maggot" did this for a reason, he needed a win to boost and boast his "Muslim BANtering". So Ivanka, I am so glad you can have valuable "silenced time" with your daughter - at the same time your fucking madman father is now using your husband, using you and that beautiful daughter to cover up...that "illegitimacy". In ending, when we have come to such crossroads, wherein we cannot find statesmen to lead US on and those that are in it for a "Reality" moment only, maybe we should entertain amending the Constitution, to allow "True Men Of Honor" to participate. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, allowing him and others alike to become bonafide U.S. Citizens. I am in agreement with Arnold - as if there had come a change of rolls this mission - we would not have this bad pass military action so soon into...well it's what we have to contend with until "We the People MAJORITY Denied" press on so "eviction" becomes a ZDonald only choice. We must keep the pressure on through use of the 1st Amendment in "peaceful assembly" protest along with work-site "SICKOUTS" to weaken his ability to command, as when he cannot get his own "Beach Haven" selfish-ways and means and we refuse to bend over and embrace him and love him, then "we shall overcome". But if we are subdued and subside with this Breitbarf Bannon trolling crap we must give him a chance, he will then use US as fodder, just like he did with Petty Officer "Ryan" and more 8-year old girls will be blown to Smithereens!

William "Ryan" Owens, Senior Chief Petty Officer - we salute your valor and bravery trying to save another American, that 8-year old girl, Newar al-Awlaki. May you both rest in peace together today in the Heaven above all "HATRED".

Blood on the Tracks!
The Opportunists verses the Patriots?

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