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Friday, February 3, 2017

Kellyanne Conway - The Cheater

Dear Director Joseph P. Clancy
United States Secret Service

Through this request, I am asking that the United States Secret Service refrain from providing any further preferential protection to Kellyanne Conway at the U.S. Taxpayers' expense. I am all for such protection when necessary, but when such is abused it loses its intent. This is due the fact that she is her own worst enemy by hiding behind that protection in efforts to instill falsehoods and telling lies, which promotes even more separation and distrust the current administration along "Majority" vote lines, and she should not be allowed to use such protection to further an agenda that is far from "Truthful". She was awarded this costly protection after her complaints of "threats" due media bias, now she is using that same entity to promote matters that compromise the truth in the realization this Secret Service protection is paramount her desires. This is NOT what such protection should allow. If she loses such protection, then it is up to the Trump administration to access the value of Conway remaining on as counsel. Please take this matter under serious consideration. - S. Pam McGee

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