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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1st Amendment Right

Isn't it egregious, at the same time sad that the cast of "Press Briefers" that work for ZDonald Tyrump, the 1st Abandoner-in-Thief, are being told that they cannot talk to any media that does not embrace the "Tower Maggot's" agenda? Amazing, a "maggot" taking away an individual's inalienable right! That's what started the "REVOLUTION"! Time to buy stock in the Murdouche FOX Network - as all the others are "Media Banned"!

Amendment I - No law prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

And anybody with any knowledge of the Constitution and the "Supreme Court", that body does not make law, it merely demonstrates an "opinion". According to Constitutional Law scholars: "The Constitution grants very little power to the federal judiciary for a reason. Since British history was rife with treacherous kings who packed the royal courts with those who would innately endorse their aims, the founders embraced the separation of powers doctrine espoused by Charles de Montesquieu for a reason. The judges serve for life to separate them from kingly and pragmatic interests, not for assurances of power." If the Congress makes a law based on an opinion from the High Court that was flawed, because it was thought it could stand the rigors of the lower courts based on the "opinion" so appeals would be moot - it can be amended. Nothing is cast in concrete except that which is found in the original Constitution. We give too much damn credence and unobstructed clearance this body of government - the Supreme Court. Why? Because when we have elected a Congress that is afraid to make waves, afraid to make conscious decisions for "All the People" and not only for the benefit of that "base", we end up with a messed up system of merits. There was a time once upon a time that members of Congress did indeed live up to that sworn duty of "without purpose of evasion". Divided WE FALL. So all this crap about Neil Gorsuch and his education, it needs confirmation: A B.A. from Columbia University. A J.D. graduate of Harvard Law School and a PhD from the University of Oxford. Then Mr. Gorsuch worked as a clerk for the United States Supreme Court. To boot, the recipient of the Edward J. Randolph Award from the Department of Justice along with the Harry S. Truman Foundation's Stevens Award for outstanding public service. And wait there's more, learned the rules of the road under the guidance of renowned law Professor John Finnis! Bravo, please clap for this brilliant Ivy League romance and upbringing. Hey, while we are at it and since ZDonald Tyrump woos US with his teammate's educational sheepskins, how about a look at another guy with a brilliant Ivy League romance: Stephen Bannon enrolled at Harvard at 16-years of age receiving a degree in mathematics. Then a PhD in "Boundary Theory" from the University of Michigan. After that, a professor at the University of California. A recipient of the Sumner B. Myers Award and a fellowship under the National Science Foundation. And wait there's more, learned the rules of the road under the guidance of renowned  Harvard Professor Henry Murray! Wow, like peas in a pod these two men now serving ZDonald. So education, higher order seems to be ZDonald's requirement...the cookie cutter for these two men makes the grade. Oh so sorry, that wasn't Bannon's profile, it was for Ted Kaczynski - a.k.a. the Unabomber, a Harvard Alumni! But there ain't much difference behavior wise. See, I think Bannon studied the philosophy of Henry Murray - "needs assessment". I need to be nastier then Hitler! So for some, even with all that education, under attack by a "MAGGOT" takes precedent. And this "On Notice" warning by that crazed lunatic Mike Flynn over some podunk rocket test over in Iran? They can't even get a missile into liftoff stage without blowing up. Obama didn't fail this mission, it wasn't yet a threat. it is NOT a threat today. Even if Ali Khemenei was to become successful with a nuclear capable missile and did indeed get a nuclear warhead from Vladimir - it acts as a deterrent and then maybe Netanyahu would have a change of heart evicting innocent women and children in the middle of the night - another Mnuchin attitude. Well look around, as ZDonald Tyrump's "White House" is "On Notice" as the "Litmus Test" has begun in earnest. It is par for the course, the new kid on the block tested and usually clear thinking prevails a way out of any Vladimir mess and we don't hear any ticks forward on the "Doomsday Clock". This time around it is a different test, as the added load a citizenry that does not embrace the "Tower Maggot's" philosophy - well a "Beach Haven" philosophy is NOT what this nation is all about. So have at it moron Mike, and if I don't wake in the morning I know it was because  assholes don't negotiate with reasoning! 

Trump loves the "Sheepskin"!

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