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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Breitbarf Update 2/17/2017

Correction: On 2/16/2017 Breitbarf posted a picture that was stated incorrectly. Below find corrections.
ZDonald tests first release of "Dearest Daughter" perfume and the "Trump Tower Maggot" has applied for a trademark with the Russian Federation, as that is the only nation that legitimizes a Putin fart for profit.
Istinka "Dearest Daughter" Perfume
1st Presidential Edition

Sneak preview of Barack being entertained during Trump's "Explosive Diarrhea" press conference - wherein ZDonald told 306 fibs, or 5 per minute.

Breitbarf believes due a "Coup D'├ętat" against ZDonald already in progress that the Russian Federation has offered asylum and he will share a cell with Snowden. So the Viktor Lenov is ready and willing to assist his escape.
ZDonald Tyrump recognized by Harvard's "Henry Murray Society", the same entity that gave us Theodore Kaczynski - a.k.a. UnaBomber.

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