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Friday, February 3, 2017

Thug vs. Slug

Dear Beach Haven "Tower Maggot" ZDonald Tyrump. I am one of the 65-million "Thugs" that you referred to in your continued early morning piss on American Democracy rant-on rage contest. FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK! So please come and arrest me because I do not bend down and kiss your royal anal hole. I dare you, send in the clowns with cuffs, arrest me and castrate my inalienable rights. You have lost, as in the eyes of the world due our vigilance in peaceful protest, we have today an upper hand as more humans despise your ass and refuse to accept a looser. The world is with US NOT YOU in this theater. The reason that Kellyanne has to lie in company of her only audience - the FOX. And Sean Spicer, I can hear him saying to himself how he hates this job - as if from Rhode Island it is hard to shake the Sullivan Ballou our proud WWII dads emphasized. How in hell did your dad, like yourself, avoid ever going to boot camp? I forget, your Christ was a crook. The SLUG family fits your family heritage. But I would rather be a "Thug" than a "Slug", as it appears the latter had no qualms placing American soldiers in harm's way. Yes, you commanded the war-birds to kill Petty Officer Ryan Owens as he made a valor and vain attempt to shelter secure the life of an 8-year old girl named Nawar, trying to protect her from such destructive harm you as Damien Thorn showered upon the innocent. She was an American. He was an American. YOU KILLED THEM! Think about it, your first recorded deaths in the killing fields as the 45th Abandoner-in-Thief, AMERICANS!

So I dare you, if you don't like this exercise allowed under this nation's Constitution, the 1st Amendment, then legislate a "CURFEW" and threaten states with withholding Federal funds for not arresting those in violation. But you know this would sink your pathetic popularity, so I guess you won't go there. It is going to continue until such time you retreat - go away and leave our DEMOCRACY alone.

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