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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Breitbarf Update 1/31/2017

BREAKING NEWS: From Doctor Harold Bornstein - ZDonald Tyrump's "Blood Pressure" is un-measurable at this time, after hearing that 1000 State Department diplomats are pulling a "Sally Yates". He is also running a very high fever, he is dizzy and not thinking very clearly - so Conway may have to make funeral arrangements in the am!

Today, Rudy Giuliani was named by ZDonald Tyrump to be his "White House" cyber-bully Czar. It was broadcast as a "Presidential Briefing", live "Breaking News" with ZDonald at center and son-in-law Jared Fogle on the right and John Kelly to the left, who had just survived a "Press Corp" briefing wherein he proved loyalty to the Tower Maggot by gross misrepresentation the facts - Bannon White Man Lies - and Rudy "Sewer Rat" Giuliani center of attention his new kiss-ass job. Cameras were flashing, Senators were applauding, Russian Federation whores at orgasm and when the meeting was adjourned ZDonald was supposed to immediately sign another "Executioner's Order" detailing Rudy's new CZAR-CZAR some-more butt-fuck luck. It never happened, it was mysteriously postponed. Why? Rumor sneaking out the hull of the sinking ship the fact not fiction that Rex Tillerson complained about the position, that he wasn't a fan of Rudy and was sent as a messenger boy from EXXON that ZDonald's "Orders" were starting to show the ugly face of the "cart before the horse" - emphasizing all these grand slam plans will "bankrupt" this nation. A wall here, a wall there and no help from Mexico or Canada. Yes Canada, as when ZDonald instituted the "Muslim BANtering" and Trudeau said "Give me your tired, your poor and huddled masses...", well that means we have to build a wall up north. That's right, the market is sinking, all due ZDonald's wet-dream plan of "Making America Gropable Again". See, Tillerson has lost a $million$ bucks a day, since the DOW dropped below that 20000 rage, in just 2-days! And EXXON, at least a $billion$ and Vladimir Putin, $5-billion! So Tillerson is putting his foot down, for EXXON and Putin.

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