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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oxford Town Ambush

So ZDonald Tyrump's controversial prick for Secretary of Education agrees that the "hidden MIC" comments that the President-elect-reject made about his "groping without consent" expeditions - supposedly accepted adult and adulterous behavior because he is rich and famous - it amounts to "SEXUAL ASSAULT"! Yes, Betsy Devo(ur)s - sounds like a porn name - said on live TV during her confirmation hearings in front of the 115th Congress and only 2-days away from...are we really going to swear in a "rapist"? Jeff Sessions, another Tyrump cesspool confidant, he reaffirmed the same sentiment, what ZDonald Tyrump eluded upon his predatory ways and means was..."Sexual Assault" is "rape" to the victim, even if no evidence the legal preponderance for digital penetration. OK, ZDonald Tyrump is not a very handsome guy with that "yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog's eye" hairdo, and that forever angry facial expression that forgot how to smile a long time ago because he couldn't get a piece of ass without assaulting, maybe we should feel sorry and forgive this "sexual aggression"? And it is well known that ZDonald Tyrump suffers from an "enlarged prostate", the reason for those 3am "Scat" attacks - a.k.a. rant-on rage "Twitter". So Dr. Bornstein can say with some degree of authenticity that "Erectile Dysfunction" is also a ZDonald annoying acquaintance and the consequences of a Sad Sack life. ZDonald Tyrump is living proof that "money" cannot buy happiness! In fact, from the looks of his cabinet so far, "ED" may be a qualifier - "If I can't get it up and enjoy it..." And if a "female" accomplice for this insane "Deliverance" cabinet, acceptance that "sexual assault" is the norm, just a "guy locker room thing"! Remember when Dubya went on the romantic binge and creeped out Germany's Merkel, with that live broadcast neck massage move? She best be on the lookout lock-down when ZDonald comes a calling, but I understand Merkel has applied for a "restraining order" wherein ZDonald must remain behind enemy lines. That's why ZDonald is cozying up to Putin! Hey, what a concept. See, now that WikiLeaks' Assange is ours, let's bring him back here and then send ZDonald to Sweden, maybe he can do Assange's time for "sexual assault" or talk his way out of it like is allowed here in the "Land of the free and home of the brave". But why in hell would some rich bitch want to go work for a "sexual assault pervert", even admitting to this "groping" as criminal activity? See, I have a real problem like 65000000 other "Patriotic Americans" as to how ZDonald Tyrump gets away with it. There are many "Black Brothers" incarcerated for life in our jails for "sexual assault" under the "Three Strikes" out doctrine, but ZDonald can get away with it by buying the victims? Strike UNO, marijuana. Strike UNO-UNO, marijuana. Strike UNO-UNO-UNO, groping. Hear ye, hear ye the court finds guilty with life! And on the Mobius Strip search - Strike UNO, Your Honor, "I am guilty. I moved on her like a bitch. I just start kissing them. When you're a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything." Hear ye, hear ye the court jester finds case dismissed. And of course there are sexual assault victims paid handsomely to be quiet or else, but Jeffrey Epstein did the same and this rich kid privilege of "pardon me for my perversion" might even extend to Bill Clinton. We have become a Sad Sack nation of "zombies", wherein the rich can get away with  rape and murder! Devo(urs) was smiling about it, when she told members of Congress that it was "SEXUAL ASSAULT"! Sessions was laughing about it, when he informed members of Congress that it was "SEXUAL ASSAULT"! Maybe as a condition of employment with ZDonald is outfitting potential employees with  a "Chastity Belt" - guys included as the "Trump Tower" is an equal opportunity bend-over enjoyer. There has always been preferential treatment for the wealthy, but as the ranks of the rich gets larger due a Congress that creates this "monster" faction guilty another kind of "rape", it starts to affect US all. Look, members of Congress see how much freedom the "wealthy & elite" have enjoyed above and beyond that found through our inalienable rights of passage and somewhat guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution  - so they want to be like them. Which means the proletariat class suffers. But any incoming member that is poor on the way in and NOT a $millionaire$ on the way out, something went wrong. I stand corrected, those entering the Halls of Congress today are already rich, because the wealthy are buying those seats in exchange for favors, it is premeditated "Political Assault". The Devo(ur)s family had donated close to a half-million bucks for candidates of choice this 2016 election cycle alone! This is the statutory rape we know about, it is the "kept silent" that is frightening. The more the wealthier, the weaker our nation becomes - it is the basic demonstration of a chemistry on how to ruin a nation. When "wealth" and "got to have more" takes precedence over the everyday decency of human dignity and equality, "That we are all created equal so should enjoy the same life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"...we are at WAR in this nation and it is the "Rich" verses the rest of US. Don't worry, "We the People Denied" will win, just have to put up with the baloney a few more erections. Now imagine that as "Secretary of Education" under ZDonald's reign of terror - sexual assault will be taught as OK and a common denominator that rape is always "consensual" and no longer a crime against women?  A new era of "Don't ask, Don't tell" kind of legislation. Like John Lennon sang out, "Woman is the nigger of the world..." and those that voted in this "Sexual Assault Pervert" - as I cannot find any other qualifications that allows ZDonald the privilege to take over the "Oval Office" - do they really think this is their time to get even and send this nation back to the days of a Beach Haven like depression, call it "Oxford Town".

Oxford Town around the bend
Come to the door, he couldn't get in
All because of the color of his skin
What do you think about that, my friend?

Old Man Trump? We're FUCKED! Mike Flynn? We're FUCKED"! Rex Tillerson? We're FUCKED! Betsy DeVo(ur)s? We're FUCKED! Jeff Sessions? We're FUCKED! The rest of ZDonald Tyrump's pricks? We're Really FUCKED! And the way the GOP Congress is letting this maggot's contingency of fascists slide through the cracks, by dismantling the vetting process inherent in the U.S. Constitution - in time the entire ZDonald Tyrump organization will be handcuffed and sent to jail, as we have one saving grace ace-in-the-hole WARRIOR that will not let US down. Like I said earlier on this broadcast, "We the People Denied" will win - read on.
CIA On The LOOK Down
Codename: Oxford Town Ambush

Shocking move? Sam Cottonmouth, you can't stand the truth! Lindsay Graham Cracker, you can't stand the truth. And every other member of Congress that sees the Manning "commutation" as shocking, you have NOT an understanding of what is going on in our government - behind the scenes to protect Miss Liberty. Barack Obama is still the United States President, and with that the duty as the Commander-in-Chief in "Good Standing" getting unprecedented approval ratings because "We are Scarred"! Our children cannot sleep at night, the boogie man arrests their sweet dreams. Even though too young to understand the ramifications of some oligarchy asshole screaming "Hatred" around the world and ramming the same up our you know whatchamacallits, I myself have trouble sleeping. When parents are so distressed, that a "Sexual Assault Pervert" is about to rape away the good nature of this nation, it bleeds over to our kids. Obama, through this secret mission not yet accomplished, is looking out for our own good - give him some RESPECT! Call it "Obama Stumps Trump" - hope this is just the beginning towards the final play, Obama's end zone game plan. Way to go Barack Obama. When an outgoing "Chief" has an approval rating 2-times that of the incoming maggot's mess, it buys "Capital" that can be spent to - well protect this nation. "Trust Me" is an element - in this case one of surprise - of that "Capital" gained out of 8-years of good will. Today, the outgoing "Greatest U.S. President" and probably the last in that category if things continue on with ZDonald Tyrump and his mandate that we all must follow him down a dead-end street, today Barack allowed for James "Hoss" Cartwright to see light at the end of the tunnel, with a pardon. Go free my man, you deserve this release. See, Cartwright was not supposed to be handed a sentence - for bleeding outdated military secrets to the media - until January 31st, long after Obama's last day in office. OK, only 11-days after Maggie's Farm becomes reality but ZDonald Trump could end the world "any day now, any day now  I shall release" 3am - he hit the wrong "SEND" button! Anyway now, the Tower Maggot tried to delay that sentencing, so that it could rub salt by releasing the "Hoss" after the White House was fumigated. Melanomia said she would not move in with ZDonald until the White House was douched - a phobia to past occupants? And why freedom for "Hoss" already? He was Barack's right hand "military coup" man so knows what the secret game plan is all about. His release was essential for Barack's plan to move forward, as it is so secretive a plan of attack - on a need to know basis only. Probably a "Few Good Men" is the only requirement, yes Manchurian Candidates that have NO allegiance to anybody but the sitting Commander-in-Chief. But the release of Chelsea Manning also had interest into why this plan of action, this covert plan will be so armed and released to promote liberty. Remember, it's a covert plan and the reason a well connected and convicted con-man Senator Robert Menendez is pissed, because he is out of the loop! How come he is NOT in jail for receiving "Bribes"? The entire Congress is corrupt, so good thing Barack has 2-days remaining to get history right. But this news that Obama had signed, sealed and delivered Manning a release, by this am it was being accepted by the sane mainstream and rejected by the insane mainstream, as Obama is a very bright individual and an undivided statesmen. He used this move to puzzle and confuse both sides. He sees the problem on the horizon with a double edged sword that amounts to age-old hatred cast towards the "Black Man" and preferential treatment for the wealthy. If there was a single element missing-in-action in efforts to move forward Obama's plan to protect Democracy, Manning was used as a bargaining chip - to find out from other sources if the ZDonald Tyrump's "Transition Team" was indeed "Sleeping with the Enemy". If so, the straw that broke it off and gave Obama the "Green Light" to use whatever means possible to protect US. Even though the ZDonald Tyrump team broke numerous laws under the "Espionage Act" and also gross violations under the "Logan Act", when there was NOT a Congress to act in efforts to bring to justice such violations - it was up to Obama to take action instead of taking cover and lame-ducking it all. Now "Black Man" herein consumes all races, even "whites" and the LGBT community - all under attack by the incoming administration.  With that said, Obama will not let this confine US, any sabotage upon our liberties.  He will not let our heritage be consumed by greed. He did not spend 8-years of his life doing good only to allow an insane maggot to tear it all apart because of a bigot like preference perspective, orchestrated by an imbecile that thinks his shit does not stink. ZDonald Tyrump "Hates" Barack Obama. ZDonald Tyrump "Hates" the middle-class Americans. Even though Barack Obama is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, there comes a time and place wherein a destructive ways and means is necessary for "Peace" - a sad fact of the matter. So a plan has been hatched, as the Commander-in-Chief has the power to take matters like this into his own hands. In fact, doesn't even need advice or permission from Congress, as that faction is also "Sleeping with the Enemy". And that is wherein Barack Obama has the go ahead with the go ahead, to take matters unto his own accord as to what is best for this nation under "Guard". And all we hear from Mr. Clean - Mike Pence the poster child for the KKK - is that joke that ZDonald Tyrump's team is "Humbled by this moment", it has a hard-on to put into place a "bigot" agenda. And believe me, what's coming their way could humble the hell out of Putin! So it is up to Obama to use his "Capital" without remorse to, well arrest this "Mutiny". Yes, the "Chief" can have this ZDonald Tyrump and Mike Pence movement in tyranny arrested, destroyed at the roots. If ZDonald thought "heel spurs" hurt, just wait as the pain of "reality" will be excruciating. And that is what may, I mean is going down as we have before US the possibility of a "Destructive Mutiny". Today, Barack Obama gave his final "Press Briefing", and when he walked off that stage for the last time, that was the signal to the operatives, to the covert protectors of liberty to march. "At My Core" was the trigger point, did you catch it? "We Win"! And yes, the CIA has the power, has the knowhow, has no regrets to do as the "Chief" commands. Attention, Officer on the Bridge. Call it Operation Oxford Town Ambush - Blue on Blue with Collateral Damage, for sure friendly fire upon the enemy. Interesting thing, this plan was approved by George H.W. and many other "True Statesmen" that see what danger there is before US with a ZDonald Tyrump presidency. Lending support, many members of the "Skull & Bones", including John Kerry. So when ZDonald Tyrump places his filthy dirty hands of greed and sexual accuse groping on the very same bible that which was used to swear in the "Great Emancipator", the G-men hit men will move into position and once the plan is engaged, there is NO turning back. Thank You Barack Obama, but you are only doing what you were sworn to duty in case of this worst case scenario, to perform without purpose of evasion to protect the American interest. And Mr. Obama, you do have our approval to do what is necessary to arrest the madness surrounding the ZDonald Tyrump reign of terror soon to be upon US. So, as your plan unfolds, we will wait so patiently in realization we will soon be "Free at Last"! No wonder MLK is today smiling, brothers with a common goal.

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