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Saturday, January 14, 2017

EXXONerated Asshole

Dear Rex "рекс" Tillerson, keep your fuck'n mouth shut!

Look, EXXONerated Rex "рекс" Tillerson has a hard-on over the Chinese. I will give ZDonald Tyrump a single credit, he likes to surround himself with "incompetence", his winning ace-in-the-hole attribute. It is easy to see that "incompetence qualifier" in this EXXONerated dude - just because of expensive cuff-links and showing off a $1500 Das Cabinet des Caligari business noose, doesn't mean a "statesmen". Especially when sporting that "Order of Friendship" award. And that drawl, it has Dick Cheney written all over its face value - a divide by zero "ERROR"! Tillerson's "I'm Tough Because I'm a Texas Oil Man", it is pathetically silly yet dangerous. US Alaskan oil men wouldn't put up with this kind of explosive diarrhea out of one's mouth, in fact if the Boy Scouts are looking for a new "Pussy" badge, it should be modeled after Tillerson. It could replace the "Environmental Science & Sustainability" merit, as that badge isn't given out any more ever since Tillerson's takeover of a once decent organization. He's a patsy posse pussy, the reason Rex never showed his face in Alaska to rescue EXXON to rescue Joe Hazelwood after the drunk captain drove an EXXON tanker smack dead-head into Bligh Reef. See, that 1989 historic wreck was a planned sabotage by another likes of a Tillerson, a disgruntled oil broker who was at odds with EXXON. Look, Joe Hazelwood's first DUI test was a "ZERO", I saw the results! And EXXON knew what was going on and let the perpetrator slide away - he's dead. Real oil men call this "Tillerson" bluff type character a "bowel weevil" or to a lesser degree a "bow" or worm. And we must remember that it was Tillerson at the EXXON helm when it hit "hard aground" with China, and caused EOM stock to take a big hike south. It occurred when EXXON was forced to sell its interests for-pennies-on-the-dollar in the Chinese power plant infrastructure, that which is now "state run" and the corporate giant has not been able to recover from $billions$ in lost revenue - so I am sure the stockholders encouraged ZDonald Tyrump to find an interest in the Tillerson, as a way to get rid of his ass. Boy are we lucky, they got rid of him and we inherited the "worm". See, now Tillerson wants to start a war with Xi Jinpingpong, over contested ownership of the South China Sea. And this hard-on is for a reason that which finds no American interest. See, the waters claimed by Xi and now being watched over by the Chinese military based on "man-made" islands equipped with high-powered lasers, these waters contain enough "methane gas hydrate" to fuel China's electrical energy needs for the next 50-years. And China has signed partnership agreements with neighboring countries like Vietnam, to develop this resource. See, it is a new energy source so requires investments, which China can survive. We should be doing the same damn thing, as "gas hydrates" are abundant in Alaska. Which means China may soon renege on EXXON's dirty-coal contracts and since EXXON was basically kicked out of China - for pollution - there are no future opportunities with "partnership" agreements for extracting this gas hydrate methane. EXXON always had an edge up with resource development around the world, the landscape has changed. Seems today that EXXON can only advance its business model with ISIS and Putin - which means this oil conglomerate is toast! And the way China is plastering the landscape with solar panels - it is on the way to becoming an energy independent nation. In today's world, to claim such fame it is more powerful then showing off nukes as a deterrent. So what we see before us is a failed EXXON CEO, thrown out by the howling wolf shareholders and now thinking he can use his position to get even. Sure the corporate giant's board of directors sent Tillerson away with the golden handcuffs, but that golden parachute's value is based on future earnings, so it behooves Tillerson to dream up ways to increase the stock options, as with every 1$ drop in EXXON stock the "рекс" loses a $million$ bucks. In fact, starting a "WAR" or "Conflict", because the latter doesn't need Congressional approval because that entity is also a bunch of patsy pussys, well EXXON would benefit from any drawn out battles. It takes gasoline to fuel a "Conflict"! But China is doing what any other nation does, claiming territory as part of its eminent domain. We did it in the Arctic waters surrounding Alaska's coast line, for resource development. And NO, Obama did not lock it all up as that Alaska "permafrost" contains the equivalent of 30-years of energy at current U.S. demands, that "gas hydrate" mother lode. Just need someone to invest an interest! And since EXXON cannot squeeze "blood out of a turnip" to suffice that return-on-investment it gets in 3rd world human right abuse places, it abandons America and befriends Russia. But, the territory that offers EXXON that return, it has dried up. So, what the fuck does Tillerson think he is doing by stoking aloud the war drum beat? It doesn't fit the American challenge to democracy...damn I almost forgot, he's Russian Federation 1st! And I guess the Boy Scouts of America may soon be giving out another new badge, called the "Order of Friendship"! Boy is this nation FUCKED. But only for the short, as we "Patriots" will prove once again as we have in the past that we are the "BOSS Man & Woman". And when over 65000000 are in line with what John Lewis recently quoted, that ZDonald Tyrump is NOT a legitimate U.S. President-elect but a president-elect-reject, a force to be recognized we are as "We can Do It" thank you Barack Obama. And on January 20th at 1300-hours when the bell tolls, we are at "WAR" and the "Revolution will be Twittered". Yes, "Revolution", what made this country "Great" and the only way to drain the "CESSPOOL". Dear Mr. Putin, bring it on as we know that 144-million of your "Motherlanders" would love to be like US and at least enjoy eating an ice-cream cone without watching over one's shoulder in fear! And Xi, just laugh away Tillerson's fascination of thinking he is a bully, just flush it away to that "Cesspool" where he belongs and does his best "stink"!

"Damn, he even looks RUSSIAN!"

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