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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DOW "Coat Tails" WOW

Maybe ZDonald Tyrump should "Drop the Big One Now", so when the smoke of destruction dissipates we can start over. Are we that sad a nation? Are we that stupid a nation? If so, we may be better off melted away! I forgot, it's called the "minority". See, as the maggot followers of the insane maggot sit around and continue to call Barack Obama the "Black Bomb from the sewers of Chicago...", we need to allow water-boarding and then a hanging. Barack Obama will go down as the "Best U.S. President" ever. Get over with it, Mr. & Mrs. Un-Patriotic Bigot. And I am a "White MAN" and would challenge any other my Patriotism verses your ???? In fact, just call him a "NIGGER" as that is what you want permission to do, go ahead - if it feels good please make your way to the front of the line...right over there with that hanging noose. Trust me, it only hurts for a little bit and will put you out of your misery that you cannot change history - yes an honorable "Black Man" resided in the White House. In fact, as the executioner pulls the gallows' trigger, you can yell out that "N" word as your last wish. But once again only a few days into Maggie's Farm, we are bombarded with more lies. "Wow the Dow" hit another high, 20000! Look, it is well known that the Obama legacy did not just end on January 20th - even though the maggot is doing everything in his power to undermine the 44th's greatness. "Make America Great Again"? More like "Fake Again". But even though ZDonald "I hear dead people voting" Tyrump thinks he has such power, there are some things he cannot change, but can take credit for when so convenient. Exactly what is going down and around the Mobius Strip with this maggot thinking it was his doing that allowed the DOW to bow down to the 1%. Look, what's good for the Wall is not necessarily good for the proletariats - the hard working salt-of-the-earth middle class labor class.  When Barack was handed the keys to the "Oval Office" wherein he found the bent keys to the U.S. Treasury - low and behold it was nearly empty. The Dow had dropped from 14000 to 6000, when "Dubya" was asleep at the wheel from 2001 through 2009. But Barack went to work, for US. And the DOW has followed a very smooth road positive, since then. From 6000 when he was sworn in to just under that 20000 benchmark on his way out of the destructive ZDonald's way. The elements that control the DOW are very complicated with many variables, some known and others an unknown - so it is the momentum from the Obama economic vision that extended the DOW where it is today. A battery does not just "die", it slows down - momentum rules. ZDonald has only been the maggot of "Desolation Road" for a few days, so there is nothing he could have done to even supplement the Obama momentum!  Look, WALL STREET purposely held back the DOW from reaching that historic 20000 mark, through manipulation just so ZDonald could take credit - it is so easy to see this manipulation in the numbers and in sophisticated "economic models" that run forever on a Cray super-computers in Alaska - the proof is in the pudding. It was on the rise towards that 20000 on the Barack Obama momentum and did reach that point by the model predictions, before Obama left office. That sucks, that we have so many Un-Patriotics that would play such a mean spirited game. But this ZDonald Tyrump & Mike Pence premature's a wet-dream! And here is another lookout, lookup! The DOW is due for a major correction course - like mentioned before sophisticated models are predicting such an adjustment. And there is no way that ZDonald Tyrump can run along with a DOW that surpasses what we saw with Obama - it is NOT monetarily possible. So at best, ZDonald's performance after 4-years, it may be comparable to what we realized under the 44th. If another 4-years as an incumbent, so help US God, maybe the same again. But when it is all said and done, ZDonald will never beat out the economic gains that we enjoyed under a "President for ALL", and that "ALL" went in front of the "executioner's face always well hidden" about 4-days ago.

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