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Monday, January 23, 2017

Sister Morphine

I was so damned depressed after Friday's "Infuriation Day" events for the President-Elect-Reject, that I called some old acquaintances as I needed a fix. Morphine, brown-sugar...yes even heroine! But most of those connections are no longer alive, as the drug craze came when it was tough to get through the day - the Vietnam WAR was devastating for many - except the "Draft Dodgers" that used lame excuses like "heel spurs" to desecrate "Patriotism"! Like the vagabond in the White House. Yet back then, it was the protests from sea to shining sea that finally caused the White House to say enough is enough and came the end of a bad era, on to bra burning - what a relief. But today I found my fix without a drug, it was a mainline high of "Democracy", as I attended the "Woman's Day March" in Sacramento - 25000 strong! Wow, talk about a high. To hear our young and old together as ONE singing "This land is your land, this land is my land", Woody was proud. This resentment that "We the People" will NOT be "Beach Havened" echoed across the nation - over 3-million strong, this march against an oligarchy. In fact, many of our friends across the globe joined in, from Paris to Kenya, India and even in Jackson City, Mississippi! The only nation that banned such activity, you betcha - the Russian Federation. The signs carried by caring and determined Americans and our outside friends said it all, and inspiration that made US not forget John Lennon - we were reminded that "Woman is the nigger of the world, yes she is". And highlighted by signs of the times this day said it all about the insane "Tower Maggot" that was now sitting in the White House. Ronald Reagan was nicknamed the "Gipper", I would say then out of due respect we nickname the 45th, the "Groper" fits his image well. I was very angry, so was "We the Majority" - when we found a sitting U.S. Congress that could NOT say NO and gave the "Groper" the license to "Kill" our "Inalienable Rights". There existed more than enough circumstantial evidence that something sour "outside our control" had sent the 2016 election into a tailspin, a time out was warranted. It should have been a proceed with "Caution"! But we have become accustomed to a "Do Nothing Congress" for the last 8-years and good thing thank God we had a Commander-in-Chief that cared about human rights! Things are different today. When "We the People" are abandoned, we gather as ONE! Yet so comforted, when we embraced as that "ONE for ALL" and showed the world who we really are with this stronghold, after embarrassing the Founding Father's "Democracy" with the election fiasco that was a demonstration of "Treason", due the intentional outside interference - as we were under attack and the remnants of that lingers on. Yes so comforting it was, when at 2000-hours the march in D.C. at ZDonald Tyrump's house was still in full force at his front door - the voice was "Loud & Clear" and resonated with "FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK", which means he was probably still up and having a conniption shit fit. His cabinet was bent out of shape as the next day it was evident that not much sleep, and I am sure that Melania wished she was back in Russia. I will help pack her bags! And while marching, and from the signs so true with testament that "We the People" are so troubled by this overthrow, one sign that caught my attention went: "Scientist-Extinct Under Trump". OK, maybe ZDonald doesn't understand the importance of science - even though it is "science" that designed "Viagra", which I am sure ZDonald is familiar with. When I grew up, science was learned by getting an "Erector Set" made by Gilbert Toys as a Christmas gift, a coming of age thing. I guess for ZDonald, it meant an "Erection Set" from Fred and Mary Anne - the maggot's parents. He is NOT my president, and he has a whole lot of ground to cover before I will give him a chance to succeed, Thine O God!

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