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Thursday, January 19, 2017

I SPIT in Trump's EYE!

It is NOT a "Presidential Inauguration", but a "President-Elect-REJECT Infuriation"! With the cabinet hearings this last final week of a "Commonwealth in Tranquility", in front of a "Totally Dysfunctional" 115th Congress, I counted 322 "prima facie" lies from Donald Trump's team of hypocrites. In fact, Thank You Orrin Hatch for stepping up to the plate to explain that this "Dysfunctional" Congress is by virtue both sides of the isle, and a fallout from 8-years behind a single criteria - Obama bashing! Down on my knees I prayed, as the Donald Trump "Inaugural" plane took off from LaGuardia to its "Oval Office" take-over rendezvous, that a "bird flock" hit would turn the plane around or send the entourage into the Hudson. We have already practiced such a rescue. The entire entourage is all wet to begin with, so what's a douche before the shower. But here it is Red, White & Blue-on-Blue! I was behind Barack Hussein Obama, for the last 8-years 24/7. Unlike the 112th through the 113th through the 114th Congressional sessions, that which showed US nothing except the fact that "Tyranny" is the accepted norm! But as a "True Patriot" I supported my "Commander-in-Chief" and with that share in the joy that from November 8th have "spit" in Donald Trump's eye. And with 20-hours left before that "Tranquility of the Commonwealth" is violated, the "spitting" feels so damn good. But in ending, after watching Steve Mnuchin lie his way through his "Offshore" tax shelter haven nomination, I do believe I have discovered a hidden secret, that he may be the real father of the Barron! And how in hell in America today can a prick of ZDonald Tyrump "Be Proud" to foreclose on members of "Our" military? The insane madman maggot and the 1st family just landed, barricade the doors of liberty! And for a guy that dodged the Vietnam draft with 5-years of medical deferments for "heel spurs", he has no right lifting his arm to "salute", unless that is the way he signals Vladimir Putin that he's in! And NO, I will NOT for one moment release my feelings that we as a nation have been "hoodwinked", as I am a "True Patriot" in realization this is NOT what our Founding Fathers were all about.

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