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Friday, January 13, 2017

Been Hacked взломан

I have been violated and it feels like rape, against my will. So I called John Law to report this crime. Damn Russians, at it "That's Amore! And my criminal complaint has been upgraded, to defileGateodomy. Sounds pretty bad! And I had no idea that I was using a "server cloud" based in Texas and belonging to a Russian - with ties to TEXAS! Sounds like a Rex "рекс" Tillerson ordeal deal. First and foremost, Texas has my vote to secede and I live 3000-miles safely away from the Jade Helm "conspiracy", but still feel the side effects of Texans invading the Alaskan oil fields - go home! Go "Frac" to pollute your own damn lakes and rivers! And that Lone Star is no longer alone, seems to have quite a bit of Russian Federation linking. See, if Texas were to go its own way, hey another opportunity for a "WALL", one I would be all in favor of and send along a donation to the U.S. Treasury. What you mean the "Safe" cannot except a donation, isn't that what ZDonald Tyrump plans to do with that "affordable living bed tax" from Russian whores visiting the "Trump International Hoodwank Hotel", or was that gesture just a fake out move? I would think that Texans would be bowing down to Barack Obama while the 44th gets ready to vacate the "Oval Office" as the last ever United States President, for the $billions$ sent to Rick Perry as that state's fair share of the "American Reinvestment & Recovery Act". How soon we forget, as mention that "bailout" program and people "say what"? Even Ted Cruz denies any assistance from that stimulus, but he's a Canadian so what does he know about anything American? But $100-bucks a month going south, as the guy that owns the server I use lives in Russia. What netwonk security? And I had no idea this Turncoat Sessions, as originally I had signed up for service with an American, but then my name, rank & serial number "SOLD" to the highest bidder. "It's not personal, it's strictly business". But the "Scat" I automatically receive from ZDonald Tyrump, way different then what my wife gets on her "pad". See, she "clouds" around with the "Made in America" crowd. But my ZDonald Tyrump "Scat" is probably "Tubed" through the Kremlin, so things appear a little different. Must be the way the bit-stream gets its re-assembling instructions. So here is how to interpret the differences, between Russia and US. See, when it makes its way from "Russia with Love, it has Vladimir's stamp of approval. Wow, if ZDonald gets 30000 "likes" at 3am, hey mon this nation has a major "enlarged prostate" medical emergency. 

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