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Sunday, January 29, 2017

To My Patriots...

So, I get this demanding knock on my front door, on a Sunday am. I knew it was coming, so prepared as I ate beans and had gas. Two men dressed in black, smiles familiar - just like Donald Trump. They're carrying, so am I. They don't introduce themselves, but smell like government ammunition. Not my government, but Trump's new order. They start asking me questions about my "Blog", and what is meant by "this BLOG kills Fascists & Confederates". I have no explaining to do SIRs, it's all in the history books, the Civil War and with Woody and Seeger and Dylan and Marley and MLK and Barack Obama! They puke choke, with the putrid stench that now infiltrates the "Oval Office". If I violated my 1st Amendment then I guess the 2nd takes over. They leave, without ever facing a smile. Cowards, Donald Trump's new order!

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