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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stubby Keith?

What the stump is a Stubby Keith? Wow, 750 NO Way NO Show responses from musicians and finally someone scented the poison bait. Some country singer that says he doesn't have to apologize for agreeing to entertain the "Maggot" but at the same time throws in the "Military". It's an "Inauguration" and not Veterans day you imbecile - I forgot this is the mentality of a ZDonald Tyrump supporter, half baked truths. To throw in the "Military" is a vain attempt to sell-out the seriousness of this mess, that it isn't rape but consensual sex. To place ZDonald Tyrump and the U.S. Calvary on the same page, it's fascism! And where in hell is Ted Nugent? Must have shit in his pants again, as it is a WAR upon us with the "Tower Maggot" and we know how Ted likes to skip the tough assignments, and so does ZDonald Tyrump. "I got heel pneumonia" - a rich college kid's medical deferment when it comes to protecting US! I stand corrected as to why no TEXAS Jade Helm entertainment at the Inauguration for the President-elect-reject, it's feral hog "butt fucking" season in the Lone Star, makes Deliverance's "squeal like a pig" look like a 3rd grade biology study. Stubby Keith? Can't say I could mention a single song he made famous, must be a Russian Federation stooger - probably a WWE fan. Thing is, don't have to boycott this Maggie's Farm circus scheduled as a prelude to "Desolation Road" as it is boycotting itself due self inflicted "butt fucking" enjoyment! Dear Donald, did you ever butt...

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