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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

U.S.A. Pipeliner

I've been a pipeliner all my life - over 40-years in Alaska on the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline and many years on the North Slope. I've seen where that pipe comes from - and if it wasn't made in America it was rejected. Since the days of old, since the days of Richard Nixon, any and all "crude oil pipelines" that run across Federal lands, or wherein the oil is extracted from U.S. property proper like those lands under authority of the BLM, a requirement - not just a suggestion - all pipe "MUST BE MADE IN AMERICA". This was a mandate by Congress when it authorized the building of the "Trans-Alaskan-Pipeline" and that regulation was carried over to FERC - the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Only a "waiver" approved by FERC would have allowed a pipeline owner to use "steel pipe" that was imported. And it was the same for "Tankers" that would bring this commodity to markets - "Made in America". But it was EXXON under Tillerson that won Congressional approval to deviate away from that "Proud to be an American Steel Worker", with the  bustling "Liquified Natural Gas" infrastructure industry - in efforts to stay competitive. So "What the Fuck" is with the ZDonald Tyrump "white man lie" broadcast today about "American Pie Pipe"? Hey, "A lie a day keeps the Patriotism away". If by now, with only 3-days at the helm you are still confused, it is part of the way ZDonald does business - pulling the wool!

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