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Monday, January 16, 2017

Donald & Benjamin Ponzi

Only 72-hours remaining before Maggie's Farm becomes "Reality" and sends this nation down "Desolation Road". Court your blessings! But there is hope as 65000000 and gaining "Patriotic Americans" maintain the vigil and are holding out, in solemn recognition the illegitimacy of the ZDonald Tyrump - Abandoner-in-Thief. Hear ye, hear ye as "We the People Denied" will find the ZDonald Tyrump Dysentery Dynasty aborted before launch. Wow, I just received a "CONFIDENTIAL FOD" correspondence the reason the ZDonald Tyrump's questionable "Tax Returns" are still under audit. What was found in the preliminary audit has been escalated higher up the chain-of-command, as it appears the revenue police found a suspicious looking "Madoff" pattern - the likes of a Ponzi Scheme! And supposedly the tipoff came from the Israeli police during its investigation CASE 1000. The reason this correspondence was classified FOD - Foreign Object Damage. See, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under investigation and we may soon hear an indictment coming from the Israeli Attorney General's office. So what was discovered during that round-up was shared with the White House which was then shared with the IRS. This is great, as ZDonald may become cell mates with Bernie Madoff. Hey, I'll send Bernie the money so ZDonald can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on US, as it gets cold and damp in "thum thar dismal swamp" cells! I was rather curious why Madoff was in the news recently with all other things under consideration. Of course this carnage is about to shock ZDonald & Company smack in the face of Reality. Comey did it to Hillary, with a 4th Quarter 4th-and-none republican run "Hail Mary" sneak preview. Now we may see again a last minute effort to ditch the likes of a ZDonald Tyrump truancy, I meant Presidency. ZDonald Tyrump may go down in history as the shortest holder of the nuclear codes, and even if a single second he has that option - it is scary. So THANK YOU Benjamin Netanyahu, for getting caught! And who knows, had Netanyahu reached out to Obama, maybe this FOD would have been out-of-reach to teach ZDonald.

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