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Thursday, January 26, 2017

"I Hear Dead Voters"

Don't we just love it! From "Don't Tread On Me" to "Kiss My Ass or Stay Home", the new administration's "Mad Dog" greeting to the world. He hates US! He hates them! Ungrateful TRAITOR? Mirror, mirror on the wall...must be talking about himself. I mean, if I needed a Webster's account of what is meant by an "Ungrateful TRAITOR" - ZDonald Tyrump is that spit-shine shoe-in heel spurs tax evader all encompassing definition. OK, maggot fits him well also. My concern, if he treats others without due respect, I wonder what his feelings are towards those that voted "Hell No We Won't Bow"? And if a woman on the "majority" side and not in favor with the scorpion Kellyanne Conway, the sentencing may be statutory rape directed by Linda McMahon. It's coming, as maybe that is what he meant by "dead" and little Vladimir agents are buzzing in his ears - take revenge, take revenge now! Of course that is the crash course he is on with US, REVENGE. That psycho perversion has been building up in the "Beach Haven Maggot" ever since he was booted off of the Forbes 500. Sometimes I just don't get it anymore even more - it's OK to befriend Vladimir Putin...almost forgot the Federation has the goods on the Tower Maggot - so "We the People Denied" are held hostage. Look, Mitt Romney was in the running first and foremost fast & furious, then some unknown Turncoat named Tillerson shows up with his "Order of Friendship" Boy Scout merit badge and demands the SOS slot - as the EXXON boss was in deep with Putin so hashed out this plan of attack. Something was "porned" for this last minute takeover as Putin needed a stool pigeon named Donald. See, Putin is afraid to confront China's Xi over the oil rich South China Sea dispute, something that EXXON wanted in bad. Remember, EXXON was deported from China because it refused to accept "Global Warming" as a problem! Yes indeed, "Kiss My Ass or Stay Home" and you don't mess with Xi. Stool pigeon Tyrump, as Putin and EXXON want to panic that region so the dispute can be brokered to surrender with "WAR", courtesy of the United States acting out its fantasy as Mr. Boogieman Good Guy. EXXON wants a piece of that pie! But we will take the oil...ha, ha, ha good luck. ZDonald means EXXON will benefit which means Putin will benefit which means WALL STREET will benefit and like Mitt has been telling it like it is: "He gets a free ride to the White House and all we get is a lousy hat." along with more roses for the dead soldier graves in Arlington. But ZDonald is telling it like it is - that "Dead Voters" contributed to the vote count during the 2016 erectile erection election. See, ZDonald is very, very upset confronted by the fact that when the History books are re-published with the 45th's inclusion, that he will go down as the President that sneak peaked in by a "minority" vote and entered office with the Sad Sack rating. And 200-years from now - if Americans are still alive - people with brains will be saying, really the audacity to tell other world leaders to "Kiss My Ass or Stay Home"? Gives diplomacy a whole new outlook - and we best be looking out for "INCOMING". But of course there came "Deadbeat" votes from citizens that understood one thing - that ZDonald's cohort in shame would get on a stage, drop his draws and have others "Kiss My ASS..." as a condition of continued employment. It has been reported, that 22-million of ZDonald's votes - almost 1/3rd - came from first time voters that for once found a ways and means to break away from the anal choke hole hold and fakeness of World Wide Wrestling and fake US all out and vote. That they knew something about Patriotism? Voting is indeed a right, but it is a conscious decision not a "Twitter" like rage...what the fuck happened? Hillary is to blame! To this faction that has been blinded by the Vince McMahon "might", Free-Speech is nothing but a pathetic mocking wherein human dignity and respect is but a suggestion as is their understanding of the 2nd - but after that they have a "Deliverance" attitude as counting past 2 is a chore. We should have hit the Confederates with "WAR CRIMES" and "TREASON" when we had the chance, as today we feel the heat of the "Turncoats" once again raising havoc with "Democracy", which means slavery is on the agenda. We need a REVOLUTION, it's here. The 2nd "Civil War" is gearing up for the battle, from sea to shining sea. And History does repeat itself, and this time around when the Mitch McConnells and Jeff Sessions raise that "White Man" flag of defeat then surrender like occurred in 1865 with the end of the Civil Unrest War, to the gallows! There shall come a new "Treason" law enacted after the ZDonald Tyrump "Mutiny" is failed, abolishing his self-centered self-serving orchestrated insane mentality. What is going on in the "Oval Office" today is a desecration upon what the Founding Fathers stood for, making it clear and convincing that the "MAJORITY" will always rule in the end, even if "DEAD"! Give me Liberty or Give me Death - and don't try that "Stay Home" crap on my watch, as I am already "home" and will defend the course of the "Majority" over the curse of the "minority" at any expense. "We the People denied" are ready for this "WAR"! Dear ZDonald Tyrump, bring it on!

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