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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pardon Me Please!

The saying that "All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten", well it just ain't so anymore - just too bad! Thanks to politicians ruining a once good thing. And did not they get to go to the same little kid playground as everybody else? What you mean they received a "play hookie" slip from a Soviet head mistress, I mean Madame Melanomia. Damn, everything "Bad & Ugly" seems to be linked to the Russian Federation, maybe ZDonald Tyrump is on to something, "can't beat them join them". Hey, may as well as according to Putin we are all "prostitutes", which I am going to claim as a profession on my tax return as there must be a benefit for exclusive deductions. Did the ZDonald Tyrump campaign take a monetary handout from Vladimir, to intentionally cause interference in the 2016 "Erectile Dysfunction" election? Yes premeditated "ED", as Congress has a limp dick to allow the madness of the outcome to perpetuate more tyranny, more treason. The entire fiasco should have been by now "arrested", start over again. It was a "Mutiny" on Democracy! But the selfish USS SOB GOP "ship of fools-gold" will use this time to push through an agenda that will NOT "Make America Great Again". That ship is on a crash course! Hey, the reason ZDonald's team is way behind the curve with only a short time left the "Transition of Power", they are busy shredding the evidence! Yes, trying to throw the Americans its first "curve ball"! Yes, there was a time when we all started off on equal footing, to conquer the world. Not so today, as the politically rich, sore losers. I still hold a sound belief that the DNA of the politically rich finds a serious protein flaw, and causes an adverse hereditary predatory madness, called "Greed". And as generations evolve around this "predation", the deck gets stacked against "the tranquility of the commonwealth". Remember, we learned to share in our "k" years, "take only what you need". But some lawyer that works for the Clinton's - probably still on the "Foundation's" lucrative payroll as the real "hard working minor wage earning employees" get eviction notices, he's calling for Barack Obama to "Pardon" Hillary Clinton? Honestly, I laughed so hard I "shat" my pants, just like a Ted Nugent wannabe. But something we will get used to in a day or so - "Incoming"! Oh crap, false arrest alarm, oh crap. And has Hillary been convicted of a crime "We the People Denied" not aware of? I'm a little lackadaisically confused, as this New York guy that wears "amicus briefs", this Robert Bagleiter tries to educate US proletariat peons that the Constitution allows for a "Presidential Pardon" without a crime being committed. Damn, another Ted Nugent moment bowel movement. I don't get it, as most of the nation stands not together but constipated, I am regular? But if laughter is the best medicine, this coming 100-days of agony, maybe it will be hilarious instead. In fact, I heard a guy singing "there's a man taking names", boy are we in trouble. It's a scare tactic, as ZDonald Tyrump is really a whimp in disguise of a maggot, no balls, so yes get used to being a "prostitute" for a foreign government. In fact, I spit in the ZDonald's eye, by being a proud follower of Barack through the final end - so I get to spit in that "Tower Maggot" tyrant's eye for another day! One more day of Obama freedom, then be prepared to kiss your ass goodbye as the ZDonald Tyrump team kisses eachother's ass for doing such a fantastic job disrupting tranquility. "If something isn't broke, don't fix it", another "k" thing. I guess ZDonald didn't have the opportunity to go to kindergarten, instead he drove around with his dad Fred, kicking "black folks" into the rat infested streets of the homeless ranks and then celebrating a hard day's work at a KKK weiner roast get together! But a "Presidential Pardon before a Crime"? Something ZDonald would love, just think how much loot he could bring in selling such a favor? So here we go again, reading between the lines of the Constitution or is it the fine print. See, there is the Constitution and all of its inherent rules and regulations for US, and then there is the abridged Constitution for the politicians and the wealthy. Never before in history has the United States Constitution come under such attack, the lame excuse from the abusers of liberty that "we don't understand what the framers meant by those words". Then would not it behoove to side and rest our case on the side of caution instead of a lullaby? May has well burn the damn thing, start over! Did not we also learn to "tell the truth" in our "k" years? But even though ZDonald Tyrump has made it clear he does not want to hurt the Clinton's anymore than anyone else that didn't vote for him - remember he loves to get even and a well trained back-stabber - some are asking Obama to "Pardon" Hillary. IMAGINE the precedent set effect this will have, a pardon before committing the actual crime, as then you would have that "Get Out of Jail Free" card. And thus be justified "NOT GUILITY" to perform any kind of heinous crime act, like ZDonald's favorite - Sexual Abuse Assault!  In fact, the Federal Government's "Criminal Code" lists 322 different crimes - choose your pick you prick! What drug of choice are these scholarly preachers of Constitutional law hooked on? Now this "Pardon" request must have something to do with Hillary's next line of attack attraction, she wants to pursue running for mayor of NYC. But Mr. Breitbarf, whatever his common law name may be, he basted his "freedom clause" for Hillary on the fact it would "restore tranquility to the commonwealth", OK, I plagiarized that phrase earlier on in this broadcast, that's OK, just ask Melanomia - she will write me an excuse note if need be as I have NOT been "Pardoned" before this crime. But that "restore" phrase came from the mouth of Alexander Hamilton. And if he were alive today to hear and see what was going on, his assessment would be to mobilize as we have another XYZ Affair ahead of US. And by this time around, he would have already started a coup against ZDonald Tyrump, for "Sleeping with the Enemy" and thus Hillary would have nothing to worry about as we would already be on that road to recovery, to establish "tranquility for the commonwealth". The fact that some friend of the "Clinton Foundation" thinks that a simple pardon will restore "tranquility", have we been torn that far and away from "reality"? Let's hope, that our efforts to mobilize in the coming days in protest is met with resistance, as it is time for US to take names, to get a head count of the "Turncoats" that allowed this nation to come under attack and surrender to the Russian Federation, then "We the People Denied" man the gallows! Yes, had this been 200-years ago, instead of an "Inauguration" set for this Friday, we would be in the shadows of a "hanging" as "Sleeping with the Enemy" at one time held serious consequences. And to NOT arrest this tyranny upon US, soon liberty as our Founding Father's erected for US, it will become "dysfunctional" and this XYZ Affair with Russia, it will topple what we spent many years building as a "Trust". "My Country 'Tis of Thee" has been sold to the highest bidder, Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the world, with that comes almighty power and the reason ZDonald Tyrump worships such a relationship. As we suffer, ZDonald sits at the right hand of his "True" father. As Vladimir is no different than a Fred Trump. And like Barack Obama said in leaving, "At My Core", well said my friend as "We the People Denied" shall overcome! In ending, if ZDonald Tyrump, along with Mike Pence and the "Transition Team" peacefully surrenders and admits "Sleeping with the Enemy" Vladimir Putin, than I am all for a "Pardon" that calls for jail time only, and we can reserve the gallows as a reminder that "Treason & Tyranny" is to be respected as a "High Crime" or else face the executioner! But if we can extradite Putin, then let the show go on - so hold on to those "Inauguration" tickets as I have "Hope" we will see justice served instead of severed by a "Turncoat" Congress also in bed with the "Enemy"!

If the ZDonald Tyrump "Infuriation" must go on, then this should be the only bible allowed by Chief Justice John Robert's the "swearing"!

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